Valencia Festivals You Can't Miss in 2022 - 2023


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Costumes, dancing and fireworks are present all all-year-round in Valencia. Whether you're planning to move to Valencia or just visiting, you don't want to miss out on this vibrant part of Spanish culture.

To help you navigate the busy calendar of festivals in Valencia, we’ve made a list of the must-see events:

  • Street festivals in Valencia
  • Music festivals in Valencia
  • Arts & culture festivals in Valencia

Now, let's get to the fun part!

Street Festivals in Valencia

1. Las Fallas Valencia: The Fire Festival of Valencia

When: 15 - 19 March 2023

The Las Fallas de Valencia is commonly referred to as the Fire Festival of Valencia. More than 700 roads are cut off from traffic, making way for all-day-long parties, parades, fireworks, giant puppets, and lots of amazing food.

And if you’re still not convinced that it's a pretty big deal, know that this event is featured in UNESCO’s intangible cultural heritage of humanity list. About 2 million tourists come to Valencia to witness this epic welcoming of spring!

And since this is the biggest festival in Spain, we’ll highlight the key events of Las Fallas for you.


When: 1 - 19 March

Every day at 2 p.m., the Plaza del Ayuntamiento square fills up with the fire, smoke, and smell of gunpowder. Valencians and tourists gather to enjoy the deafening spectacle of shooting hundreds of loud firecrackers — masclets.

The best way to experience Mascletà is from a balcony on the Plaza del Ayuntamiento square. But don’t forget to open your mouth a little to avoid damaging your ears. The sound can reach up to 120 decibels!

Planta de la Falla

When: 15 March

On this day you’ll see the city preparing for the festival and making ninots (huge dolls).

Traditionally, the dolls were made of cardboard and wood, but it’s become more common to use expanded polystyrene. Ninots are extremely detailed and realistic and often depict satirical scenes inspired by current events. The separate statues are put together to make up the falla statue of the neighbourhood.

Award Ceremony

When: 17 March

Every year the city chooses their Fallera Mayor or ‘Fallas Queen’.

On the morning of the 17th, Fallera Mayor and her commissioners participate in a parade towards Plaza del Ayuntamiento to hand out prizes for the best ninot.

Unlike all the other ninots or fallas that's burned down, the winning ninot voted for by the public is spared and featured in the Fallas Museum.

Flower Ofrenda

When: 17-18 March

Participants of Las Fallas pass through their neighbourhoods and parade to the Plaza de la Virgen to honour the patron saint of Valencia. Each participant lays down flowers at the wooden statue of the Virgin Mary, located right outside the Valencia Cathedral. The amount of flowers given to the statue is often enough to cover the “dress” of the huge statue!

Nit del Foc

When: 18 March

Every night during the festival, the Valencian sky lights up with a dazzling firework show — el Castillo (the castle). The final event culminates with Nit del Foc on the 18th of March, literally translated as the Night of Fire.

Nit del Foc is a one-of-a-kind firework spectacle where you can see more than 4,000 kilos of fireworks paint the sky in a multitude of colours.

The Cremà

When: 19 March 2023

The Cremà is the final and most important event of the festival when all the fallas get burnt. Starting at 8 p.m., sculptures around the city go up in flames one by one, with the final ceremony taking place at the Plaza del Ayuntamiento at 11 p.m.

2. Maritime Holy Week: Easter in Valencia

When: 2–9 April 2023

Semana Santa or Maritime Holy Week in Valencia honours the Passion of the Christ. On this day, you’ll see religious services and processions by the seaside, accompanied by festivities, food, and of course, fireworks!

The most important procession of Maritime Holy Week is the Holy Burial. It takes place on Good Friday on the shore and passes through the streets of the coastal neighbourhoods.

Another highlight of the week is Easter Sunday. That’s when the procession moves along the Calle del Mediterráneo under a colourful shower of petals thrown from the balconies along the route.

© Eva Máñez

3. Gay Pride Valencia: Events Raising LGBTQI+ Voices

When: June 2022

Valencia boasts a thriving gay scene with many bars and clubs proudly displaying rainbow flags around the city. During the annual Gay Pride event, Valencian residents get together to celebrate the joyous occasion, regardless of race, sex, or creed.

Gay Pride in Valencia has a whole month of programming dedicated to promoting LGBT voices through festivals, events, concerts, performances and exhibitions.

Some of the highlights include the LGBT film festival Mostra La Ploma and the Pride Parade held on the last Saturday of the month. Of course, the parade is followed by all-night-long dancing to DJ sets of some of the best local artists!

© Manuel Bruque

4. Night of Saint Juan: The Night of Magic and Rituals

When: Night of 23 June 2022

Also known as the Night of the Witches, La Noche de San Juan is a festival marked by ritual and magic. Taking place on the shortest day of the year, it welcomes summer and celebrates Saint Juan.

In the evening, Valencianos gather at beaches to light bonfires, drink and have fun. It’s all of course accompanied by fireworks and open-air markets!

Legend has it that if you jump over 7 waves at midnight on Saint Juan's, your wish will come true!

5. The Great Valencia Fair: A whole month of fun

When: 1-25 July 2022

Gran Feria de Valencia is a month-long fiesta accompanied by daily live concerts in the Viveros Gardens, dance and theatre shows, outdoor cinema, activities for kids and bullfights.

The most vibrant celebration takes place on the last Sunday of July. It’s called the Battle of the Flowers. You’ll see enormous floats made of flowers parading through Valencian streets. And once the jury has awarded the best creation, the real battle breaks out.

Both the floats and spectators are stocked with flowerheads which they use to throw at each other. As you can imagine it’s quite a feast for the eyes!

6. La Tomatina in Buñol: Food fight in Valencia’s province

When: 29 August 2022

As the name suggests, this quirky holiday is all about tomatoes. What’s essentially a full-out tomato war takes place in a small village of Buñol, a 40-minute drive from Valencia.

Each year, about 30,000 tourists come for the tomato festival in Valencia’s province! For many it’s the time to go full out, throwing tomatoes at each other like there is no tomorrow. You’ll witness the whole town turn red in the course of the massive food fight!

Good to know: Due to security concerns, Buñol's council decided to limit the number of participants in La Tomatina. So, if you plan to join this year’s red madness, you should buy tickets in advance.

© La Tomatina Festival Spain

7. International Festival of Pyrotechnics in Valencia

When: 6-8 October 2022

If that wasn't clear yet, Valencians are huge fans of fireworks. They even dedicated a whole festival to it!

Festival Internacional de Pirotecnia brings together some of Europe's best fireworks companies for a few days of dazzling shows. The spectacle commemorates the National Day of the region of Valencia and takes place on the banks of the Turia River.

8. Parade of the Three Kings: Epiphany in Valencia

When: 5-6 January 2023

January begins with one of the most anticipated days of the year for Spanish kids - the arrival of the three kings.

Following the old Christmas tradition, they parade through the decorated city, throwing kilograms of candies to the kids lined up on the sidewalks. But the best is saved for the next day when the children start their morning by opening their Christmas gifts!

Music Festivals in Valencia

1. Valencia Flow Fest: Queer Festival at the Pinedo beach

When: 6-8 May 2022

Genres: pop, house, dancehall, techno, Baltimore club, experimental

Tickets: from €19

Valencia Flow Fest is a celebration of creativity and inclusivity. The most important thing to remember: come as you are!

The festival takes place in the idyllic and protected environment of Pinedo beach, south of Valencia. You’ll be surrounded by white fine sand, dunes and blue water.

Across the 4 different stages, you’ll hear every music style from pop hits to electronic avant-garde. But that's not all there is to it. Flow Fest also features live performances, workshops, talks and sports events.

Some of the confirmed acts for this year include CH3LO, Samantha Hudson and La Prohibida.

2. Festival de Les Arts: Music Festival for the Whole Family in Valencia

When: 3 - 4 June 2022

Genres: alternative, pop and rock

Tickets: €50 for a Day Ticket

The Festival de Les Arts is more than 24 hours of music, gastronomy, art and design spread over 2 stages in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.

The festival strives to promote local brands and emerging designers at their Les Arts Market. For the kids, they’ve got a special children's zone__ so that you can enjoy the festival with the youngsters.

Some of the artists this year include Love of Lesbian, Sen Senra, Lori Meyers, and Miss Caffeína.

© Festival de Les Arts

3. Mar i Jazz: Jazz Festival in Valencia

When: 10-12 June 2022

Genres: jazz, funk, soul, Latin, reggae, RnB, hip-hop.

Tickets: from €35

Mar i Jazz is a festival for the whole family. When not grooving to international jazz maestros, you can enjoy the typical delicacies of the fishing district Cabanyal or take a stroll through the crafts market. Meanwhile, kids will have a great time in Kinderland, where they can take part in fun workshops and activities.

The festival spreads over 3 days of concerts and DJ sets in Dr Lluch Park. Besides jazz, you can hear genres like funk, Latin, reggae, RnB and even hip-hop.

In the upcoming edition, you can catch renowned artists such as The Sey Sisters, Balkan Paradise Orchestra, and Ariel Brínguez.

4. Big Sound Festival: Urban Festival in Valencia

When: 7 - 9 July 2022

Genres: trap, rap, Latin, R&B

Tickets: from €88

Big Sound Festival is one of the largest urban festivals in Spain. It offers 2 open-air stages in the City of Arts and Sciences in Valencia.

Over the 3 days, you’ll hear everything from funky reggaeton to smooth R&B vocals and fierce trap. The coming edition will feature a diverse lineup of artists including Catalan internet sensation Bad Gyal and American rapper Nicky Jam.

When you feel like taking a break from dancing, you can explore the Market Zone or grab a bite at the huge Food Court.

Art & Culture Festivals in Valencia

1. 10 Sentidos (10 Senses): Multisensory Experience in Valencia

When: 2-22 May 2022

The Festival 10 Senses researches the ways of communicating through art and generating knowledge. Each year’s program supports a specific theme highlighting problems that affect our society. Combining various forms of art, 10 Senses aims to create a dialogue between artists and the audience.

Over the course of the festival, you can join events in various locations throughout the city. What can you expect? Think cinema, music, art, dance, theatre, and workshops. Many of the events are free of charge!

© Juanmi Ponce via 10 Sentidos Valencia

2. Experience Valencia: Major Design Event in Valencia

When: 12-16 June 2022

Thanks to the effective use of design in its public policy, Valencia became the world design capital for 2022. The city has planned a whole range of activities throughout the year to celebrate design and its power to improve the quality of life.

One of such events is Experience Valencia — a festival revolving around creativity, design and music.

Its program combines educational and recreational events around the city and the former river course. Anyone interested in design is welcome to participate in the series of exhibitions, lectures, workshops, and studio tours, as well as mingle at the many social events.

If that’s up your alley, make sure to check out the World Design Street Festival 2022 in September!

3. La Cabina: International Medium-length Film Festival in Valencia

When: 8-18 November 2022

Tickets: from €2.50 per film

Medium-length films hardly find space in the film festival scene, but La Cabina is here to change things up. They are pioneers in 30 to 60-minute cinema in Spain.

Over 10 days of the festival in November, La Cabina will present films divided into 4 categories: Official Section (fiction films), Amalgama (non-fiction), Inédits (recovered old films) and Fashion Films.

Besides displaying top-notch cinematography, La Cabina also hosts parallel events with audio-visual performances and DJ sets.

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