Universities in Utrecht

Utrecht University

As one of the world’s oldest universities, founded in 1636, Utrecht University it is an institution with a considerable amount of charm and history. It has been rated the finest in the country - and top 50 in the world - and is home to over 30,000 students every year. With a range of bachelor’s and master’s programmes open to internationals including Pharmacy, Economics and Business, they cater to a diverse range of interests.

The university has produced a really useful, interactive Real Estate and Campus Map which shows not only where all the buildings are, but which departments are based in those buildings. It’s color-coded and extremely helpful for finding your way around.

Marnix Academie

The Marnix Academie is an independent university. It is also a Protestant-Christian institution focusing on Applied Sciences.

Due to its small size, the university is well-known for the individual attention that its students receive, as well as the learning relationships that are prized between the teachers and their students. You’ll also find that multiple cultures and religions also add to the unique international appeal of the university as well. The main prerequisite for students is to have a well-rounded command of the Dutch language to enroll in either the part-time or full-time courses. Marnix Academie is renowned for training its students to be well-educated primary school teachers.

HU University of Applied Sciences Utrecht

Situated to the north of the city, HU (Hogeschool Utrecht) University of Applied Sciences Utrecht is one of the largest educational institutions in the country, sharing part of its campus with Utrecht University. The university has a bunch of different locations (as you’d expect with its size) so make sure to take note of where your classes are. Nothing is too far spread out, but best to be prepared!

Other than its notable size, it caters to a tremendous number of bachelor’s programmes (and master’s, but not doctorates at this stage), though sadly not many of them are taught in English. However, there are plenty of classes in German and, of course, many more in Dutch. If you commit and taking a few language classes before you go, it’s not impossible to learn in a foreign language - it will require hard work, but the quality of the university makes it completely worthwhile.

University College Utrecht

UCU is actually an undergraduate college of liberal arts within Utrecht University. With only 750 students, it has a closed campus located to the south-east of the city centre where all of the teaching and accommodation is found. In addition, there’s an on-campus dining hall where students normally go for breakfast, lunch and dinner. There is a list of course outlines, all focused around liberal arts and social sciences. Much like the University of Humanistic Studies, the University College Utrecht is a niche school, but very good at what it does.

University of Humanistic Studies

This is a very new university, established in 1989, and has a roster of only 400 or so students. They do accept exchange students, but only from partner universities. Check out their list of programmes and courses - only 4 bachelor’s and 5 master’s courses are currently available and open to internationals. The University of Humanistic Studies is a very niche institution, but is gathering a good reputation for its commitment to research in humanistic studies.

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Student Associations

University College Student Association (UCSA)

Something for which UCU is quite well-known in the Netherlands is the quality and passion of its Student Association, the UCSA. Every student is automatically made a member of the association, which runs events, performances, trips and more throughout the year. Their goal is to help students make the absolute most out of their time at university, to meet people and, hopefully, to get involved with the association and start making changes themselves!

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