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Tilburg University

Recently celebrating its 90th birthday, Tilburg University has also partnered with Housing Anywhere since 2016. Very popular with international students on exchange, this institution is known primarily for its diverse, broad range of courses and programs that are offered.

Tilburg University contributes to solving social issues. This is being achieved mainly by developing and transferring knowledge and bringing together people from various disciplines and organizations. Therefore, the university has invited companies, organizations, government and citizens to work together to develop new insights and solutions, which will create value for society.


Tilburg University consists of five different schools:

  • Tilburg School of Economics and Management

This school offers six programs for Bachelor’s degrees, 10 programs for pre-Master's degrees, 14 programs for Master’s degrees, along with two programs to satisfy Research Master's requirements and two programs for teacher training.

  • Tilburg Law School

This school offers five programs for Bachelor's degrees and 10 programs for Master's degrees. One of the Bachelor’s programs, Bachelor Global Law, is taught entirely in English, as are eight different Master’s programs.

  • Tilburg School of Social and Behavioral Sciences

This school offers eight programs for Bachelor's degrees, three programs for pre-Master’s degrees and 10 programs for Master's degrees. Of the Bachelor’s programs, four are taught entirely in English.

  • Tilburg School of Humanities and Digital Sciences

This school offers three programs for Bachelor's degrees, eight programs for Master's degrees and one for a Research Master’s. Some of the courses include: Artificial Intelligence, Communication, Culture, Philosophy, Religion and Liberal Arts and Sciences.

  • Tilburg School of Catholic Theology

This school offers one Bachelor's degree in Theology, along with three programs for Master's degrees. One Master’s program, Christianity and Society, is taught entirely in English.

Additionally, you can select classes associated with Law, Economics, Communication, Data Science and Culture, along with a full catalog of others.

How to get there

Tilburg University is very centrally located, making it easy to get back and forth to and from classes. In fact, it is even with a short walk of Tilburg Central Station. To get to Tilburg University, you can opt for a train from Central Station, or you can take the line D metro to Stadhuis. With such a close proximity to the city center, you’ll also have time to visit the Doelen Theater, Pathe Cinema and numerous shops and restaurants.

Fontys Hogeschool

You’ll also find that Fontys Hogeschool is located throughout multiple cities. You can study in Tilburg, as well as Eindhoven. And at Tilburg, there are several different departments, with faculties centered on certain courses. For example, there will be a faculty for Science and a faculty for the Arts.


Fontys Hogeschool boasts a catalog full of programs. Bachelor’s programs are centered on Business and Management, ICT and Engineering, Logistics, Physiotherapy and Arts. Some courses are offered in English, including Circus and Performance Art, Dance Academy, Physiotherapy, Marketing Management, International Business, International Lifestyle Studies, Industrial Engineering and Management, Software Engineering and International Fresh Business Management.

For Master’s degrees in English, students can choose from Master of Science in Business and Management, Master of Business Administration, Master of Science in International Logistics and International Supply Chain Management, Master of Architecture, Master of Urbanism, Master of Music and Master in Performing Public Space.

How to get there

All of the buildings that the university utilizes are fairly simple to reach. You can take the bus to the building that houses the Journalism courses, or the Academy of the Arts is near the Tilburg Railway Station.

Avans Hogeschool Tilburg

Avans Hogeschool Tilburg is a favorite of international students, and it has several different faculties, which are located in Tilburg, Hertogenbosch and Breda. The faculty that is focused on Law and technical pursuits is situated in Tilburg, and it is housed in a hip, modern building that isn’t too far from Tilburg University.


This university boasts numerous Bachelor’s and Master’s programs, focusing on the areas of Earth and Environment, Economy and Company, Exact and Informatics, Behavior and Society, Health, Art and Culture, Education and Upbringing, Law and Governance, and Language and Communication. Avans is especially proud of its international exchange programs, with many courses taught entirely in the English language.

How to get there

Just a 10-minute walk from the Tilburg University train station, you’ll find that Avans Hogeschool Tilburg is extremely convenient when it comes to getting around the city.

Legal Hogeschool Avans-Fontys

This university that offers a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) was formed as the law school for both Avans and Fonty. Students can take part in courses like: State and Law, Citizen and Law, Language and Law, Lawyer and Law, Legal Information Skills, Professional Product, Project Management, Legal Writing, Administrative Law, Trial Law, Labour Law, Social Skills, Law Enforcement, Critical Thinking, Mediation, and Psychology and Ethics.


This university has decided to place its focus on only one program, which is Law. Here you can get your Bachelor of Laws, but it is up to you if you opt for a full-time or part-time schedule.

How to get there

This institution is also very easy to get to, located close to Tilburg University station.

Student associations

You’ll definitely start hearing from student associations during the induction days. Each faculty has its own, and there are numerous others to choose from.

Student associations are wonderful for helping you to find other classmates with which to study, and any assistance that can be offered to help you find your way will make your life a whole lot easier on campus and beyond. When it comes to student associations, the premise is to be able to socialize with other students, making it easy to form study groups and support systems. You can also gain real-world experience from local businesses and organizations, and you can lend your ideas and opinions.

Student associations also set up parties and meetings, which can almost completely fill up your social calendar. It’s a great way to meet both international and local Dutch students alike.

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