Moving to Tilburg

If you’re planning on relocating to a new city, then chances are that you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed. Simply making the decision on where to go for your international exchange can be quite difficult, not to mention making all of the arrangements that you’ll need secured before you even get there. Plus, you’ll also want to know how to spend your free time — where to go and what to see.

But don’t worry, because you’re in luck! This city guide will make sure that you’re informed about the many different neighborhoods, public transport, the climate, health insurance and more. You’ll feel as if you’ve already been to Tilburg before you even begin your journey to this fascinating destination!

Perhaps you’ve traveled abroad before, or maybe you’ve never left your own country. Whichever the case, it can always present its own challenges, and each city will have its own vibe and showcase a brand new culture. This is why HousingAnywhere can really help you to acclimate to your new surroundings, wherever they might be, as that we have individuals from over 20 different nationalities to assist.

We can’t wait to welcome you to the Netherlands, where you are sure to have one of the most memorable experiences of your entire life! Have fun learning about your new home-away-from-home, and we hope you find this guide beneficial.

About Tilburg

Situated in the province of North Brabant, Tilburg boasts over 200 thousand inhabitants, making it the sixth largest city in all of the Netherlands. A few cities nearby include Breda, Hertogenbosch and Eindhoven, with Tilburg nestled right in the middle.

You’ll see that Tilburg is a pleasing mix of architecture that gives the nod to both the modern and the traditional, whether it be factory houses, sprawling estates or modest villas. Tilburg also hosts the Westpoint Tower, the tallest residential structure in the Netherlands.

Dutch language

When you move to the Netherlands, you’ll quickly find that the official spoken language is Dutch. Yet, almost everyone will also speak at least a bit of English, and will be happy to communicate with you in that language, should it be more helpful to you. Picking up a few words and phrases in Dutch may be helpful, and maybe even appreciated by the locals, although they will more than likely change over to English upon the discovery that you aren’t a native Dutch speaker.

However, more and more international students are flocking to Tilburg each and every year. Therefore, it’s becoming more common to hear English spoken on the streets, along with a myriad of other foreign languages.


In the Netherlands, the weather can change its mind at the drop of a hat. You may start off with a rainy morning, only to end up with a bright sunny day before mid-afternoon, although these come very few and far in between. There is a lot of rain, so it’s best to always have an umbrella, and expect a cloudy sky as the norm. However, you’ll be happy to hear that there are four very distinct seasons.

The winter brings in temperatures between -5 °C to 12 °C, all the way through mid-March. Be sure to bring warm clothing, such as thick sweaters and a pair or two of good boots.

Spring can notoriously be variable, and you never know if Easter might even be colder than the temperatures at Christmas! It’s best to make preparations for cold, rainy, blustery days, with the occasional glimpse of warm sunshine.

At the end of April, the temperatures begin to rise, with May allowing you to dine and drink outdoors. Be sure to check out Piusplein and Korte Heuvel, which are both great places that offer terraces for drinking with your new classmates. are lovely places to enjoy the sun and have a drink with friends on the nice terraces. Many open-air spaces also boast heaters, so that you don’t have to go inside when the sun goes down, such as at the Oude Markt.

There is an actual summer season in the Netherlands, with temperatures anywhere from 18 °C to up to 25 °C, so nice days can bring in some warmth. But with the heat comes the humidity, so be prepared for that! Typically, the warm season will last through September, before the cold and the rain take hold of Tilburg once again.

Public Holidays

The Netherlands has a whole slew of public holidays to enjoy. Just don’t plan on all of the shops or the banks being open, so be sure to plan accordingly.

  • New Year's Day, January 1 st

Along with the rest of the planet, New Year’s Eve will bring out a lot of revelries, with plenty of hangovers on New Year’s Day. This day is usually a cleanup time, where most businesses shut down for 24 hours to recuperate.

  • Easter

Easter is a holiday for people to get together with their families for a gigantic meal. If you are invited over for Easter by a Dutch family, then you’ll be able to experience the large grill that everyone cooks their meats on, eating until they nearly burst.

  • Kingsday, April 27th

This could quite possibly be the best Dutch holiday of the year, with partiers dressing in orange and taking to the streets for a bit of fun. In Amsterdam, some rent boats to ride up and down the canals. And be sure not to miss the second-hand craft markets, where you can buy anything from books and toys to clothing and furniture.

  • Sinterklaas (Sint Niklas), December 5th

This holiday is the Dutch version of ushering in the Christmas season, with their very own Santa Claus. On this special date, children celebrate the legend of Sinterklaas, a bishop who comes to the country each year to distribute gifts and sweets. This might sound very similar to Santa Claus, and you’re right. However, Sinterklaas comes from Spain, and Santa Claus hails from the North Pole. Students and other adults primarily celebrate this holiday by participating in the "secret friend" game, where they exchange small presents, such as a poem, craft or something else that can be made. And this is the holiday for eating your fill of kruidnoten and pepernoten. Remember that you can only purchase these delicious Dutch sweets between September and December!

  • Christmas, December 25-26th

If you really love Christmas, then you’ve come to the right country, that’s for sure. It is celebrated on both the 25th and the 26th of December. During this holiday, Dutch families exchange gifts and have a lovely meal together, typically consisting of ostrich, grilled steaks or deer.

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