Cost of living in Tilburg

When the Euro was increased back in 2002, the cost of living all throughout the Netherlands jumped. The Guilder was the former currency, and many of the Dutch locals still sit around in the bars lamenting on how inexpensive things used to be. When you look at daily expenses, such as food, transportation, clothing, entertainment, books, etc., along with housing and insurance, your monthly expenses in Tilburg could easily range between €800 and €1100.

Housing and food costs

As mentioned earlier, private rooms in Tilburg may range between €350 and €700 monthly, and this can depend on the location, size and the overall quality of the lodging. Food can also be a bit on the expensive side. While you have to eat and find a place to rest your head, you can still make an effort to stay within your budget by looking for inexpensive options.

The great news is that most universities, such as Tilburg University, provide healthy, hot meals at budget-conscious prices. Plus, you’ll also find plenty of little restaurants, also known as eetcafés, where you can still have a nice meal without completely breaking the bank. However, always remember that the cheapest option is to cook at home, especially if you can split meal expenses with your roommates.

Below are some average prices in Tilburg:

  • Basic lunch menu: €10-13

  • Fast food menu: €7

  • A regular beer: €2,70 - €4

  • Coffee/tea: €2

  • Sandwich: €3-5

  • Cinema ticket: 11€

When shopping at supermarkets and grocery stores, many brands are offered, which differ in price, so be sure to compare them, or even try to gather coupons. Another even less-expensive option is to shop at one of the open markets. You’ll find quality foods and really fresh fruits and vegetables.

Transportation costs

The Dutch people are really big on biking just about anywhere they can possibly go. It’s definitely the preferred method of transportation throughout the entire country.

Therefore, as soon as you arrive, think about buying your own bike. It’s the easiest, as well as the cheapest, way to get around Tilburg. You can buy a second-hand bike pretty cheaply, generally between €40-100. You can look on Facebook groups, by asking around at the university or by checking in with friends. Remember that the theft of bikes is unfortunately very common, so be sure to purchase a heavy-duty lock.

When compared to other European countries, public transport in Tilburg will definitely help keep you within your budget. The entire country of the Netherlands operates on a public transport card, and it can be used whether you are taking a train, a bus, a tram or the metro. If you need to travel to another city, those trains are also fairly inexpensive, especially if you have a discount card, which can save you up to 40%. You can also check into season tickets and other deals that are available.

Try to avoid taking taxis, as that they are very expensive. Plus, they may not always even be the fastest option available.

What else?

If you’d like to visit some of the best museums, or you’re up for a night out at a restaurant or a bar, some will offer discounts to students. Check before you go to see if a discount is offered, and you will typically only need to present your student card.

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