Universities and schools in Strasbourg

ENA - Ecole Nationale d’Administration

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Founded by a government order on 9 October, 1945 under General de Gaulle, the École Nationale d’Administration (ENA) is a state administrative establishment. Most notably, it trains top-tiered civil servants i preparation for careers in the most auspicious ranks of the French administration. Some of these include the “Cour des Comptes” (Court of Auditors), the “Conseil d’Etat” (State Council), the Inspectorates (General Inspectorates for Finance, for Administration and Social Affairs), along with the diplomatic, prefectoral and overseas trade promotion services. ENA also provides training courses for civil administrators and counselors, to be utilized as administrators for the City of Paris and in regional courts of auditors and administrative tribunals.

It was once located in Paris, but it has been nearly relocated in completion to Strasbourg, furthering drawing attention to its strong European character. It is now located at the Commanderie Saint-Jean, which was once a 14th-century former barracks and a prison.

There are two major student associations at ENA. The Commanderie Saint-Jean organizes a full calendar of cultural and leisure events. The Bureau des Elèves (BDE) also sets up cultural and leisure activities, along with sporting events.

EM Strasbourg

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The Business School of the University of Strasbourg, EM Strasbourg Business School is the second largest of the multi-disciplinary universities in all of France. Additionally, in 2000, it was ranked among the top 15 business schools in France. It is also the only business school in France to be partnered with a university — in this case, the University of Strasbourg.

Situated close to the main University of Strasbourg’s campus, EM Strasbourg is also near the city center, set in the neighborhood of Esplanade.

There are many student associations present at EM Strasbourg. The most popular is the International Student Association (Bureau de l’international BDI), which helps in welcoming international exchange students and providing assistance as they acclimate to a new city and campus.


The Institut National des Sciences Appliquées de Strasbourg, or commonly known as INSA Strasbourg, has a very selective admission process, and is a Grande École d'Ingénieurs. Additionally, it is entitled to deliver the "Diplôme d’ingénieur". It a part of the INSA’s network, and it operates under the French Ministry of Education and Research.

Founded under the name of Technische Winterschule für Wiesenbautechniker in 1875, but in 2003, the school regrouped with six French engineering schools, taking up the name of INSA Strasbourg. The purpose of the school is to hold research and testing, train engineers who meet strict regulations and support continuing education. The curriculum spans over a time period of five years, focusing on architects and engineers who are well-versed in the fields of architecture, engineering or science. There are 1,700 students enrolled in courses based on engineering and architecture, and graduates from the school are commonly referred to as "Insasiens".

INSA Strasbourg educates architects and engineers in seven speciality fields: plasturgy, mechanical engineering, mecatronics, topography, civil engineering, electrical engineering, and energy and environmental engineering. There are also two "sandwich courses," along with four units of research. More importantly, the school gives the only degree course in architecture from an engineering school that is located in France.

In 2009, out of the 67 engineering schools in France with five-year curriculums, INSA Strasbourg came in at number seven. It is also the only French engineering school that offers architecture courses.

University of Strasbourg

The second largest university in France, the University of Strasbourg is home to over 43,000 students and approximately 4,000 researchers. Ranked consistently as one of the top 25 universities on the planet, the Université de Strasbourg can lay claim to well-known alumni, such as German writer Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, former Peruvian president Alberto Fujimori and Arsène Wenger, the Arsenal football manager.

With firm ties to Renaissance humanism, the university was founded in the 1500s and boasts a well-know history of performance in the realm of higher education. The University of Strasbourg has 37 departments, and they include five major academic areas, including:

  • Arts, Literature and Languages
  • Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Law, Economics, Management and Political Science
  • Health
  • Science and Technologies

The University of Strasbourg stretches over numerous campuses throughout the city. Within a few minutes’ walk of the city center, the Central Campus is situated in the area of Esplanade. It boasts six convenient tram lines and 536 kilometers of paths for cycling, making Strasbourg the top cycling city in France. If you’re an avid rider, it’s yet another reason for moving to Strasbourg.

The university offers numerous student associations, which are typically led by the students themselves. A big part of student life on campus, Unistra's 150 different student associations provide countless services for students, including the organization of social events, cultural activities, sports and work in the community.

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