Cost of living in Strasbourg

Strasbourg is often thought to be slightly more expensive than some other cities in France of the same size, due in part to its geographical location and its political and economic situations. Yet, it still is a bustling city, with over 45,000 students, which has actually caused it to adapt a bit to meet more of their budgets.

Housing costs

On average, monthly rent in Strasbourg can be expected to be:

  • €688 for a 45 m2 furnished studio in one of the more expensive areas
  • €509 for a 45 m2 furnished studio in one of the less expensive areas

Food costs

Food costs are also more expensive in Strasbourg. For essential items like a loaf of bread or a liter of milk, you will generally pay about €1. For 1kg of locally made cheese and 1kg of chicken breasts, you can expect to pay between €14-€15, while 1kg of fruits and vegetables is typically between €1.50-€3. A 0.5l of domestic beer is usually around €1.34 for each bottle, with a 0.33l of imported beer set at €1.60. If you’re a wine lover, you’ll fork out €8 for a medium-priced bottle.

Overall, it’s safe to say that your monthly food expenses may reach between €200-€300.

Transport costs

In Strasbourg, public transport is €1.60 for a one-way ticket, but you can purchase a monthly pass at approximately €45. If you will be driving your own car while living in Strasbourg, a liter of petrol generally runs between €1.22-€1.30.

Other costs

  • Utilities for each month, including electricity, heating and gas, for just one person living in a 45 m2 studio may run €91.
  • Internet at 8 Mbps is around €26 monthly.
  • It’s about 50€ for housing insurance for the entire year.
  • Additional health insurance can typically cost anywhere from €70 to €300.

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