Cost of living in Siena

Housing costs

As mentioned above, you can expect to pay between €200 and €400 to rent a single room in Siena. Location will have a lot to do with the final price that you pay. Living within the city walls will put you closer to the university and the major attractions, but choosing accommodation in Siena that is outside of the walls will also save you money.

If you share a double room with another classmate, this can also cut your monthly rent down to about €255, or you can opt for an apartment between €600 and €800.

Food costs

If you want to eat lunch at a typical restaurant in Siena, it will typically cost about €25. A breakfast consisting of a pastry and a cappuccino is about €2, with Italian gelato priced at €1.70. Pizza is plentiful in Siena, as well as inexpensive, at about €1.50 a slice.

Transportations and other costs

Getting around Siena is simple with its great public transportation system. A single ticket for the bus is about €0,95, and you’ll be able to use it to get just about anywhere within the city. To travel outside of Siena, the bus tickets are €2,10.

If you want to go for a day trip to cities like Firenze or Arezzo, you’ll need to take the train, which is actually somewhat cheaper on the average than other cities in Europe.

The overall prices in Siena have risen a bit with the steady stream of new international students arriving each semester. However, you will still find that the prices are far less in expensive than other Italian cities, such as Turin or Rome.

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