Finding a place to live in Siena

For accommodation in Italy, the minimum period for rentals is typically one year. However, furnished rooms in Siena can usually be arranged for a shorter term, in case you will only be studying there for one semester.

Room prices

To rent a single room for rent in Siena, you can expect to pay about €300 on the average, but the rates can range between €200 and €400, primarily depending on the location and the amenities that are offered. If you want to live within the city walls, the prices are generally higher than what you would pay if you lived outside of them.

If you are really hoping to save more money while studying in Siena, then you may want to think about renting a double room that you can share with a classmate. These rooms cost about €255 for each person, but be sure that you are very selective when choosing a roommate!

If you’re going to rent an apartment in Siena, the average cost ranges between €600 to €800, which is fortunately much lower than nearby Bologna, with a typical price of €1000.

Siena neighbourhoods

Siena has a great location and a nice history, making its quality of life very high and appealing to students. It is filled with beautiful architecture, nature, art and all of the important things that might make one want to live in this popular Italian city.

Siena is also very easy to navigate, so you can be in the city’s center in one moment and then, after a 30-minute walk, you can be standing in the countryside.

The culture of Siena is evident in its structure. It is divided into regions known as contradas. There were once 54, but they have been combined to make 17, all with their own colors, mascots, songs, flags and more.

The contrade of Aquila is southwest of the Piazza del Campo, and it is home to tourist attractions like the Siena Cathedral. This is a very popular area for students who want to be in the center of the action. However, rent here may be at a premium.

Civetta is just north of the Piazza del Campo, and it is right in the center of the city, full of plenty of nightlife, which makes it popular amongst students.

Selva is also close to the city center and is west of the Piazza del Campo, which is a popular meeting area for students, especially on the weekends.

Tips for finding housing in Siena

When you’re looking for student housing in Siena, you have several different options. Many local newspapers post advertisements from landlords or previous students who are trying to rent a room. You can also opt to hire a real estate agency, but there will be pretty hefty fees involved.

The following are a few ways to stay ahead of the crowd when looking for accommodation:

  • Make it a part of your daily routine.

Get up early and begin searching for student housing. You might also want to ask your university for suggestions.

  • Be sure that you know exactly what is included.

Some rooms or apartments might be furnished, but others aren’t, so definitely ask. Also check to see if utilities are included, such as the internet, electricity and others. If not, you will need to budget to pay these separately.

  • Check with a trusted rental platform.

HousingAnywhere is a wonderful place to search for accommodation through landlords that are familiar with renting to exchange students. Plus, you can even set your preferences and be notified when a listing matching what you’re looking for is posted.

Download your safe renting checklist. and have a clear understanding of your rental contract.

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