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When you are planning your upcoming semester or two abroad, it’s easy to see why the inviting country of the Netherlands popped up on your radar. After all, it’s known for its well-established universities, legendary parties and welcoming atmosphere toward international students. With a slew of popular cities to choose from, such as Leiden, Delft and Utrecht, just to name a few, you definitely have numerous options.

However, more and more students decide to make the fascinating city of Rotterdam their new home for their international exchange, and for so many reasons! Rotterdam has the feel of a smaller city, but with the cultural allure of a much larger locale, boasting world-famous art and a plethora of festivals and local events. And more importantly, it’s a modern place, full of open-minded people and rich diversity.

With its highly sought-after appeal, students often find that finding housing can be somewhat of a challenge. Rooms rent out very quickly, and landlords often find themselves completely overwhelmed with requests. If you know anything at all about supply and demand, then you understand that this can cause the rates to become quite high, especially in the city center and other desirable neighborhoods.

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However, there are a number of time-proven strategies that you can incorporate in your housing hunt to find the best space at the most reasonable price. Follow these tips, and you should be moved-in in no time!

Start looking early

The main thing to remember here is that procrastination can cost you both time and money, possibly leaving you with housing in an inconvenient area of town. You might be able to start searching in some cities a month or so out from your move, but locating housing in Rotterdam can be quite different. Start looking at least 3-4 months ahead of time.

You will also want to reach out about several different advertisements, as that it’s usually unlikely that you’ll sign an agreement on your first property of choice. If you’ve ever heard that old saying, “Don’t put all of your eggs in one basket,” that’s especially the case in Rotterdam!

Search thoroughly online

Finding a great room before the other candidates is half the battle. So, be sure to receive instant updates when new rooms or apartments are added. You can get email notifications on rooms that match your preferences on HousingAnywhere for starters.

Share an apartment with new classmates

Before you move to Rotterdam, you might want to try to connect with your new classmates via social media. In doing so, you may be able to share a large apartment.

This can be advantageous for three important reasons:

  • Three people searching for housing is always better than just one.
  • You should be able to save money. (A single space might run 650 euros, while a large apartment split three ways could be around 500 euros each.)
  • It’s more fun to live with a few new friends, rather than alone.

Look to the south

It’s rather obvious to note that housing in the city center or close to the universities will be more expensive. Yet, it’s not always completely necessary to trade convenience and location for a good price.

Just to the south of Rotterdam, you will find rooms and apartments at a much lower price, but with plenty of connections to the city via public transportation. While the south was once considered to be less desirable than the north, this stigma is quickly being forgotten, especially in areas like Afrikaanderwijk, Vreewijk and Ijsselmonde. However, always check to ensure that the neighborhood is student-friendly.

This is also a great place to watch sporting events at the Feyenoord Stadium or walk along in Zuiderpark, and it’s a magnificent area in which to ride a bike. Biking is one of the most popular methods of transportation in the Netherlands, so you’ll also be familiarizing yourself with the culture of your new home. So you see, living a 10-minute bike ride from the university can save you money AND help you stay fit.

Don’t give up

When preparing to relocate to Rotterdam, perseverance is key. You may not sign a rental agreement on the first four or five rooms that you’re interested in, and you could spend quite a bit of time searching for a space that meets your preferences. Remember that many other students are in the exact same position, so you’re definitely not in this alone.

Plus, with rental platforms like HousingAnywhere, you will have a host of options right at your fingertips!

Now that you are armed with a variety of tips on how to ensure you find the housing that will work best for you, you can move on down to the rest of the things on your list. Like packinf your bags and letting your best friend throw you unforgettable bene send-off party.

Hello, Rotterdam!

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