Universities in Reykjavik

University of Iceland

This world-class university has partnered with Housing Anywhere since 2017. This progressive scientific and educational institution is heralded within the global scientific community for its thorough, innovative research.

This state university is nestled right in the middle of Reykjavik, with its main campuses located in Vatnsmýri and Reykjavík West in Vesturbær. It also holds classes in Stakkahlíð, which is in Reykjavik, and at Laugarvatn, which is situated in the southern area of Iceland.

The University of Iceland thrives in promoting a welcoming international environment, working in tandem with a variety of well-known international universities and research institutions in the areas of student exchanges, staff exchanges, research facilities and much more. With numbers growing each year, hundreds of international students have opted to take their international exchanges at the University of Iceland.

While most courses are taught in Icelandic, the University of Iceland offers numerous programs that are taught completely in the English language, making them very popular with international students. Additionally, foreign language programs are also offered in other languages as well. Keep in mind that English proficiency is required for international applicants when they are not native English speakers.

A large majority of the English-taught courses are graduate level. Students applying must do so for one of the study programs to select courses, as those applications for individual courses are not accepted.

The University of Iceland holds classes in many different buildings in several areas. Located in the Vatnsmýri and Reykjvík West areas in Vesturbær, you’ll find the School of Health Sciences, the School of Social Sciences, the School of Humanities and the School of Engineering and Natural Sciences. The School of Education is a house in the area of Rauðarárholt area, except for the Sport and Health Sciences programs, which are housed in Laugarvatn.

Reykjavik University

Reykjavik University focuses primarily on research and teaching in the areas of science and engineering, law, business and computer science. This higher institution of learning offers a modern, innovative approach to programs that will highlight computer science, along with engineering. In these focus areas, Reykjavik University is world-renowned for its research in Iceland in these focal areas.

RU prepares students for the situations that they will face after they graduate by offering a unique, hands-on approach that helps facilitate a top-notch learning environment. They will team up with other students, as they complete projects that are simulated from the working world, many times collaborating with other institutions or businesses. The classes are kept small, so as to assist with teacher-student interaction — just one of the perks of attending Reykjavik University. There are about 3,500 students who attend RU, and all of the classes take place on one campus, easily accessible from the city center, creating a real unity amongst the students.

Student Associations

You will find many student associations in Reykjavik, offering assistance to both local and international students alike.

Ökonomia, which has been popular for decades, is a student association for economics at the University of Iceland, offering enough social events to fill any calendar.

Maestro is the student association for university graduate students, protecting their interests at the Faculty of Economics at the University of Iceland and the Faculty of Business Administration. They promote all sorts of events, as well as discussions with its members, where they arrange meetings and even publish a newsletter. They also set up student visits with area businesses within the students’ fields of study.

AIESEC is a student association for those studying within the areas of economics and business administration.

NESU is an association for the Nordic Economics Students' Union.

Grossman is a student association centering around health economy

Student.is is a website for all university students.

Another organization to offer its assistance is the International Office at the University of Iceland, or the Office of International Education - Alþjóðaskrifstofa háskólastigsins. It assists students, professors and any and all university administration alike, which relates to the university’s partnership with such international organization, such as in Erasmus, Nordplus, ISEP and MAUI, along with many more. This organization offers assistance to both local and international students.

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