Universities in Parma

University of Parma

The University of Parma was founded in 962 at the start of the Middle Ages. Today, the university has over 900 professors and researchers and about 1,800 employees in the administrative and technical area. There are also over 26,000 students enrolled, with a large number of international students in the mix.

The university initially began with a specialization in Law, but in the time of the Renaissance, it added Veterinary and Physics to its list of programs. Today, it has added the Faculties of Pharmacy, Agriculture, and Architecture and Engineer studies. In an area spanning over 77 hectares, you can also take full advantage of the CUS, the main building that houses all of the sports and physical activities.

The University of Parma is working steadily to add more and more programs to its already impressive catalog of courses. It also currently offers two specializations: Law and Medical. There are also several Master’s programs in Economy, Medical, Tourism, Business and Social Sciences. Post-graduate programs are also offered.

Student associations

Most Italian and European universities offer student associations that will help incoming international students acclimate to their new environments. The Erasmus Student Network is known all across the globe, and the University of Parma is no different. In fact, ESN Parma is one of the oldest local sections within the Italian Erasmus network. At ESN, you will find a host of young, international people and students who are all motivated to help you uncover the city of Parma and make your international exchange experience more memorable than you could have imagined.

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