Cost of living in Parma

Housing costs

In 2016, the National Institute of Statistics rated Parma the most expensive city in Italy. Not only do students need to consider monthly rent in Parma, but there are additional utilities that may not be included, as well as things like transportation, food, other essential items and, of course, entertainment.

Of course, the costs for student accommodation in Parma is going to take most of your budget. Again, expect single rooms to rent out at about €260, or you can opt for €200 for a double room. Apartments are in the range of between €500 and €650, but you can sometimes save more with this alternative, as that you can split all of the expenses with one or two other students.

For utilities for one person, including internet, electricity and heating, it typically costs about €40 each month.

Food costs

Finding the bests place to buy groceries in a brand new city can sometimes be difficult at first. And unfortunately, the best way to find the best spots to shop for your particular needs is just to try out a few different supermarkets or stores. Periodic markets that sell fresh produce are also a good bet for inexpensive fruits and vegetables.

Typically, you will probably spend around €100 monthly on meals that you can prepare at home. If you are sharing an apartment or a double room with a classmate or two, this price may drop if you opt to cook meals together. It also helps with getting to know your roommates, as you share meals and discuss your day at the university or make weekend plans.

However, sometimes you just may not have time to run home for a meal, or you may not enjoy cooking at all. If so, you can still eat out in Parma when you’re on a budget. You can grab a tasty kebab or two slices of pizza from a street vendor for about €3.50.

At night, you can take advantage of the €5 aperitivo, which includes a delicious buffet and even a drink. This is offered at many pubs and bars.

If you want to go dancing at a disco, the entrance fee is usually about €10, and any cocktails you purchase will range between €5 and €7. Plus, you’ll also need to buy the Arci card, which costs €10 and is a requirement for entrance at most of the venues in Parma.

If you’d like to see a movie at a cinema, the good news is that students generally receive special discounts. This brings the price for a movie down to €5, rather than the regular cost of €12. The only stipulation is that the discount does not apply on the weekends or for 3D movies.

Transportation costs

While a lot of people like to ride bikes in Italy, there are occasions when you need to utilize Parma’s public transportation. For a 60-minute ride, bus tickets are priced at

€1,20. You can also opt to purchase an 8-pack for €8. If you are staying for two semesters in Parma, then students can purchase an annual subscription for €185. You can visit the TEP website to see timetables and bus routes.

Be sure to check out the Younger Card, which will also offer additional discounts and special offers. For example, there is a 20% discount for an annual bike-sharing subscription, as well as a 40% discount for car-sharing. It also offers special prices for cinemas, restaurants, bars and more.

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