Finding a place to rent in Parma

Parma is considered to be a medium-sized city, meaning that it offers a lot of the perks of a large city, but is easier to get around in and is a bit easier to adjust to. When you are an incoming student, you will have a few different options for finding a place to rent in Parma. You can find a room in a student residence, or you may want to rent a private apartment and share it with a few of your new classmates.


Of course, a big part of determining the price of your student accommodation in Parma can depend primarily on the location, but choosing the style of housing can vary greatly in price. For example, the typical cost of a standard room in Parma can start off at about €270. If you want to share an apartment or think you can afford one on your own, the prices are usually between €500 and €650.

Neighborhoods in Parma

Like a lot of other cities in Italy, it has grown from its development in the Middle Ages to the thriving city that you see today. The main neighborhoods of Parma are Parma Centro and Oltretorrente, and other popular areas include Molinetto, Cittadella, Montanara, San Lazzaro and San Leonardo. A little bit out of the city, you will find San Martino and Golese, which are a little quiet, but still convenient to the city center.

Parma Centro

Parma Centro, or the city center, is in high demand for accommodation for students. While it contains a lot of bars and attractions that are popular with students, this is also where you’ll find the University of Parma. Of course, its close proximity makes it ideal for students, but due to the fact that this area is also a favorite for tourists, the housing is at a premium.


Oltretorrente is another convenient location, and it may be possible to find rooms and apartments in this area a quite a bit cheaper than in the city center, so its population is made of mostly of young people. There are several nightlife options in this area, and it has an overall lively feel.


Cittadella is also another great option, with plenty of green spaces, including a beautiful park with a fortress. It is just a 15-minute walk to the city center, and it has two lively pubs.

San Lazzaro

San Lazzaro is just around the city from Cittadella but is a bit more crowded. However, it also has several parks and nice residential houses.

Tips to find housing in Parma

Finding the ideal housing for your student exchange can lead to a great experience for your time abroad. It’s important to be close to your university, while also fittin your monthly rent into your budget.

You’ll need to be sure to stay on top of your search. Waiting until the last minute can often lead to disappointment, so it’s a good idea to start looking at least three to four months before your move, especially if you’re interested in one of the most popular neighborhoods.

When you begin to look for student accommodation in Parma, there are quite a few ways to begin your search, including:

  • Ask people who have lived or studied in Parma before.

  • Search through Facebook groups for advertisements.

  • Check out university boards for listings.

  • Look in local newspapers or online.

  • Use a trusted rental platform, like Housing Anywhere.

Most importantly, make sure that you completely understand all aspects of your rental agreement before you sign it. Ask what is included and if you can extend the lease if you decide to stay another semester.

And don’t forget to look at what the space has to offer and be realistic about if it suits your needs. For example, consider the idea of sharing an apartment with three other students if there’s only one bathroom.

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