Public transport in Murcia

Arriving to Murcia

The Murcia Airport, actually located in San Javier, is also known as the San Javier Airport and is just 27 km southeast of Murcia.

You can also opt to fly into El Altet Airport in Alicante. This large international airport offers plenty of connections, as well as access to area public transportation.

From San Javier Airport


Due to its compact size, visitors find it relatively simple to get around the Murcia Airport and to find links to public transportation, which is controlled by the Latbus Company, operating all of the buses within the province. Buses leave the airport at 13:25, 16:30 and 19:00, as well as from the Santiago de la Ribera bus station at 13:25, 16:15 and 18:30. It takes about 20 to 25 minutes to get into the city.

Taxi services

If you arrive when it isn’t possible to take the bus, taking a taxi is another way to get into the city. For starters, it’s €3,50 to be picked up at the airport, plus €0,50 for your luggage. The typical total cost of a taxi into Murcia is about €55.

From El Altet Airport


Alsa, a Spanish bus company, runs a direct route from the airport into Murcia. Its price is about €4,64 for a one-way ticket and €8,35 for the round-trip option.


If your plane arrives well into the evening, there’s also a late-night train. The journey would include the following steps:

  • Take the bus from the airport to the main railway station downtown.

  • Once there, take a RENFE train into Murcia.


While it is a much more expensive option, you can also take a taxi to Murcia from Alicante if you are in a hurry or miss the bus.

However, expect to pay about €85. Depending on the time of your arrival and the traffic, the entire journey can take about an hour.

Getting around Murcia

While you are living in Murcia, you’ll find that the city’s size and topography make it simple and convenient to explore, whether on foot or by bike. However, there are also several other modes of transportation when you’re going from one side of the city to the other.


Murcia has two different bus companies that boast a network of bus routes all throughout the region. You can easily find maps and timetables for the buses at:

  • The main bus station in the city center

  • At local bus stops

  • At tourist offices

Latbus provides regional bus service, with a variety of routes in Murcia.

Alsa provides service throughout the province of Murcia, along with routes in Cartagena and La Manga. It also offers transport to national bus routes, as well as to cities close to the Costa Cálida.


This V-shaped tram line offers routes throughout 18 kilometers, which offers connections from the north of Murcia (including its universities, shopping areas and residential zones) and into the city.

With 11 vehicles, the service is quartered into two blocks: the main service area (connecting Nueva Condomina Stadium to the University of Murcia) and the shuttle service, connecting the Terra Natura to the Catholic University of San Antonio.


Murcia offers 24-hour taxi service. While taking a taxi can get expensive, the journeys are metered, with the rates clearly posted.


While biking is already popular in Murcia, the area has also launched a rental program that will make riding bikes even more convenient. With Muybici, you can find numerous locations at your disposal.

On Foot

Murcia is one of the best cities for people who love to walk. In fact, the city has also designed numerous walking paths that take you past some of the area’s best attractions and popular sights to see.

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