Cost of living in Murcia

When compared to other larger, more expensive cities in Spain, Murcia can provide a wonderful experience at a fraction of the cost. You’ll find that everything will be a bit cheaper, from everyday expenses to rooms or apartments in Murcia.

Housing costs

The actual city of Murcia is the most expensive area, but even that can be feasible for many student budgets. On average, between the three main areas, apartments can run anywhere from €450 to €800, depending on the location and the amenities that are offered. Split between two or three different students, this brings student accommodation in Murcia to an even lower amount. And if you’re interested in just a room, you’ll only need to budget between €250 and €350 as a monthly average.


Often, your utility bills may also be included in the monthly rental price. This can include water, electricity, gas and even internet.

If the utilities are not included, you can expect to pay about €100 each month for electricity. Internet can vary, depending on the speed.

If there are three people sharing an apartment, you can expect the total utilities to run about €50 per person, in addition to the rental payment.

Food cost

Fortunately for food lovers, the food in Spain is delicious, and it isn’t expensive. Murcia offers plenty of local Mediterranean specialties that can usually be purchased at a restaurant for a few Euros.

If you’d like to shop at a supermarket to prepare meals at home, Mercadona is the most popular supermarket, due to its low costs and quality food selection. One person can expect to spend about €150 monthly.

There are also local markets, some of them open-air, where you can find even cheaper produce with an even wider selection. The Veronicas Market is open every day, except Sunday, until lunch time. It sells vegetables, fruits, meat and even fresh baked bread.

Transportation costs

Murcia offers a monthly ticket for public transportation that is normally €30. However, students receive unlimited rides for 30 days for just a little over €20. Other plans include:

  • Single rides: €1.05

  • Combined bus rides: €0.70

  • Tricolour plan: €0.70 each ride for the bus, tram and metro

  • Tricolour student plan: €0.50 each ride for the bus, tram and metro

You can purchase any of the plans at the transportation offices, which are located in the city of Murcia, as well as in both Abenarabi and Camachos squares.

Other costs

Some other expenses that you may want to work into your budget include:

  • Dinner for two in a casual pub: €23

  • Cinema ticket: €7

  • Theatre ticket: €25

  • Monthly gym membership in the business district: €35

  • 1 minute of prepaid mobile: €0.15

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