Health Insurance in Mexico

Unlike with many other countries, in Mexico you are not required to have health insurance to cover your stay here. Some universities will insist that you take out some kind of international student health insurance, and even if yours doesn’t, it is very highly recommended that you do so anyway. Medical treatments and hospital visits can be quite expensive in Mexico, so the affordable insurance is always worth it.


Since a majority of Mexican universities require that you have International Student Insurance to cover your entire stay in Mexico, you’ll need to sort something out. Private life insurance is not expensive in Mexico, and the quality of private policies is usually superior to the national health service. In particular, waiting times for appointments and procedures is substantially shorter on a private scheme.

Interns and workers

In Mexico, part of your salary is automatically deducted and used to cover your national health insurance through the Instituto Mexicano del Seguro Social (IMSS) which will cover necessary medical expenses.

There is also a higher level of healthcare - that provided by private providers. If you have any desire to utilize private healthcare, then take out further insurance as any procedures, if paid for upfront, are extremely expensive.

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