Universities in Maastricht

Zuyd Hogeschool

Zuyd Hogeschool offers several faculties, which are located in Maastricht, Sittard and Heerlen. Finding student housing in Maastricht is ideal because the largest concentration of faculties is located there.


There are plenty of bachelor’s programs available, so you are sure to come into contact with people pursuing all sorts of different interests. Some courses of study include Hospitality Management, European Studies, Music, Interdisciplinary Arts and International Business. The university is also popular with international students, offering five bachelor’s programs taught completely in English.

Maastricht School of Management (MSM)

Maastricht School of Management is one of the Netherlands’ oldest business schools, as well as one of the most international, with programs offered across the globe. Maastricht School of Management provides thorough research and renowned education to inspire future leaders, entrepreneurs and global managers.


MSM offers many master's programs. Students can opt to work toward MBAs in the fields of Entrepreneurship, the Digital Economy, International Business and Sustainable Development, Accounting and Finance, Healthcare Management, Wine Management, Sports Management and Public Sector Management.

Maastricht University

Maastricht University is the second youngest among the Netherlands’ 13 universities. It really appeals to international students because of its innovative methods of education, its cultural diversity and its multidisciplinary focus on research.


Maastricht University offers both bachelor’s and master’s programs in fields like Law, Economics, Communication, Data Science and Culture. Additionally, a majority of the courses are taught in English, and 45% of the students and faculty members are from countries other than the Netherlands.

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Student Associations

Each faculty has its own student association, and they will be sure to reach out to you during your initial week at your university. Associations are great for meeting other students who are interested in the same fields of study that you are. You will be able to get to know your new classmates at a variety of events that are scheduled, so be prepared for an active social calendar! You can also gain practical experience and learn about opportunities that may exist with local businesses or organizations.

Here are just a few of the international student associations in Maastricht:

  • ESN Maastricht: This is one of the most renowned associations for international students. It also has multiple locations all throughout the Netherlands, and it organizes a variety of events throughout the year.
  • AIESEC Maastricht: AIESEC Maastricht is also country-wide, and it focuses on developing leadership skills in international students.
  • Enactus Maastricht: Also with a number of locations, Enactus focuses primarily on projects of both environmental and social natures. This is an ideal setting for young entrepreneurs.
  • AEGEE Maastricht: The local branch of AEGEE Netherlands, this international association works on empowering students with real-life tools to build a reliable network for the future.

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