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Athena Barris

Updated on Apr 06 • 2 minute read

VIP access for international students

Housing Anywhere represents a direct link between students and the private rental market, helping a lot of our incoming students - University of Ljubljana


Like many institutions around the world, the University of Ljubljana found their student residences were insufficient to accommodate their incoming exchange and international students. They began working with HousingAnywhere to offer students a secure, verified booking platform for rooms from private landlords in Ljubljana, perfect for those arriving from abroad.

In 2017, HousingAnywhere granted priority access to all rooms on the platform to students moving to Ljubljana as well as the University's outgoing students. They receive live notifications every time a new room is listed in their city and are 7x more likely to be accepted by landlords. After this release, more than 400 international students from the university signed up for their priority access profile.

What the University says:

Helena Deršek-Štuhec - Senior Advisor, University Office for International Relations

“The University of Ljubljana is experiencing a constant growth in the number of incoming and outgoing students. HousingAnywhere is a good service because it represents a direct link between students and the private rental market: with the new sign-ups the platform is now mostly running by itself, helping a lot of our incoming and outgoing students to find accommodation - and they like it a lot!”

What students say:

Iga, incoming student to the University of Ljubljana from Poland

“My destination for Erasmus exchange was - honestly - a wild shot. I had no clue what the city was like and I suddenly found myself a couple of days from the departure with no place to stay once in Ljubljana.

Then - thank God, I came across HousingAnywhere. Advertisers offer cheap rooms also available for short term. Plus, thanks to the 'safe payment' method, you are 100% sure the landlord will not leave you homeless. Even if the number of rooms offered is limited, I received a notification every time a new one was online, and found my room within a few days. It was ideal!”

The Numbers

How did the University of Ljubljana inform their students?

Partner students obtain VIP access through a unique HousingAnywhere sign-up page built especially for the university. HousingAnywhere works with the university to build a dissemination plan, complete with co-branded materials to inform students about their right to priority access.

Typically, this plan comprises of: information emails to incoming and outgoing students, links on the universty website, and promotion during events.

Do you want to try it yourself? Click on our Demo Sign up form and see how easy it will be for your students to find their home abroad!

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