Universities in Liège

Université de Liège

The University of Liège is a public university, which is part of the Wallonie-Brussels Federation. It began in 1817, and it is known for its academic research. It is well-known for its influence over the economic, scientific and cultural realms of the city.

This renowned university is located in three cities: Gembloux, Arlon and Liège. You can study at any of the campuses, depending on your course of study.

There are several faculties at the University of Liège: Applied Sciences, Architecture, Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, Biology, Law, Political Science and Criminology, Medicine, Philosophy and Letters, Psychology, Speech and Language Therapy and Education, Sciences, Dentistry, Economics, Bioengineering, Social Sciences and Veterinary Medicine.

The Bachelor’s programs offered include Ancient Languages and Literatures, Chemistry, Medicine, Mathematics, Information and Communication, Biology, Philosophy, Information and Communication, Language and Letters, Geography, Geology, Musicology, History, Landscape Architect, Architecture, Pharmacy, Philosophy, Physics, Political Sciences, Veterinary Medicine and History and Archaeology.

Computer Science and Engineering are offered completely in the English language.

Master’s level programs include many similar to the Bachelor’s programs, including Agroecology, Anthropology, Bio-Informatics and Engineering, Education, Geology, Human Resources Management, Journalism, Interpreting, Linguistics, Labour Sciences, Motor Skills, Modern Languages, Oceanography, Performing Arts, Political Sciences, .

Some of the courses taught completely in English include Aerospace Engineering, Architectural Engineering, Business Engineering, Chemicals and Materials Engineering, Chemistry, Computer and Data Sciences, Economics, Management, Mechanical Engineering, Physical Engineering, Physics, Sociology, Space Sciences.

Additionally, Doctoral training and certificate programs are also available.


The Haute École de Namur-Liège-Luxembourg began with the merging of the Haute École de Namur and the Haute École Blaise Pascal. The Haute École de Namur-Liège-Luxembourg has approximately 5,500 students throughout 11 campuses, located in Namur, Luxembourg and Liège.

Bachelor’s programs are for three years, and there are special courses for a Master’s in Industrial Engineering, a Master’s in Social Management Engineering and a Master’s in Computer System Architecture.

Programs include Nurse and Midwife, Management Assistance, Accounting, Law, Management Information Services, Preschool Teaching, Primary School Teaching, Social Work, Library Sciences and Documentation, Human Resource Management, Information Technology and Electromechanical.


The Higher Education Institution of the Province of Liège offers a variety of degrees for both Bachelor’s and Master’s programs. It is known for providing practical and theoretical aspects, offering real-world experience for its students.

It is located on three campuses: Huy, Seraing and Liège.

Programs that are offered include Law, Education, Social, Communication, Economics, Agronomy, Civil Engineering, Computer Graphics, Chemistry, Biotechnology, Biochemistry, Paramedical, Computing and Electromechanics.

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