Things to do in Liège

Top 5 Restaurants in Liège

  1. The best places to go for boulets are at Amon Nanesse or Chez Philippe, even though you’ll also find it on the menu of almost every pub in the city. You can even find boulets served to-go at local friteries. There is also an award offered to the best, with Chez Philippe listed among the winners.

  2. You must try a Gaufre de Liège, especially in Une gaufrette Saperlipopette, before you leave Liège. This large, sugary waffle is a real treat, and they can be found throughout the city. However, rumor has it that the best is at Une gaufrette Saperlipopette, a quaint shop on rue des Mineurs.

  3. Messieurs is quite famous for its cheap drinks and tasty food. This is a very popular place for students to meet up on the weekends.

  4. If you love a good burger, then you must visit Huggy’s Bar, which also boasts a huge beer selection. This cozy bar is so popular that it has even opened a second location, making it easy to try one of their over 40 different types of burgers, such as the Boston Tea Party or the Greco Burger. Huggy’s Bareven has a triple burger called the THB Tower.

  5. When you’re in the mood for brunch, head over to Grand Maison. The ambiance is lovely, with the river as a backdrop and a terrace open in the warmer months.

Best 5 Things to See in Liège

  1. Be sure to take in "Scale," the Mountain of Bueren. However, make sure you’re ready to climb 374 steps with a 30-degree slope, as this attraction wasn’t called the most extreme stairway in the world for no good reason. Plus, on the first Saturday in October, the Night of the Hills is a celebration where candles are placed along the steps.

  2. Founded in the 11th century, you should definitely visit the Collegiate Church of St. Bartholomew. This Mosan-style church includes a molded baptismal, along with medieval architecture and metalwork. The baptismal is even included as one of the 7 Wonders of Belgium.

  3. Visit La cour Saint-Antoine to see its splendid inner courtyard with a central sculpture that connects a Mayan pyramid to an Egyptian obelisk. A row of buildings has columns in the center of its thresholds, which visitors pass through to enter.

  4. Place du Marché is an area that is home to numerous bars, and Place du Marché is one of the most popular among students who are exploring its medieval surroundings. Be sure to take in the stairway of the city hall, along with the fountain and its sculpture of the Three Graces.

  5. Gare de Liege-Guillemins railway station offers a glimpse of some of the city’s best architecture. Be sure to take a few photos the next time you’re catching a train.

Top 3 Things to do in Liège

  1. Students go to party in the Carré, so don’t let its unique little shops fool you. Once night falls, the bar hopping begins. If you want to dance all night, try Point de vue.

  2. If you’re looking for a fun time, don’t miss the Student Saint Nicholas. It's so popular that it’s the second largest event in all of Liège! Students show up wearing aprons and collect money in the streets to spend at the bars. This goes on for two full days!

  3. La Saint Torè is another student celebration, which is held around the 15th of March, lasting for three days. The party draws in students from all over Liège and Wallonia. There will be games, music, a fun atmosphere and pekets, which is alcohol from Liège, commonly also called Dutch Gin.

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