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About Liège

Home to nearly 200,000 people, this city is the major city of French-speaking Wallonia. At just an hour’s drive from Brussels, it has a historical past, as well as a modern city center with pedestrian-friendly streets. Liège also boasts a vibrant nightlife scene and a calendar full of festivals, drawing in its nearby French, German and Dutch neighbors. Liege attracts many of its Dutch, French and German neighbors. Additionally, it is also a very "green" city, with a myriad of beautiful parks and green spaces.

Liège is also "Outremeuse," which means it is beyond the River Meuse. The portion of the city situated on the Right Bank of the river illustrates a somewhat rebellious spirit and a unique atmosphere.

Languages in Belgium

Most residents in Liège speak French, making it the primary language. However, it isn’t uncommon to also hear German and Dutch spoken on the streets, especially close to the universities. The country of Belgium, however, is bilingual, with residents speaking Dutch, German and French. At the schools and universities, most courses are taught in French and Dutch. In the Flemish areas, most speak Dutch, while those in Wallonia typically opt for French. In Brussels, the most commonly spoken language is French. Of course, most people in Belgium can also speak at least a little English.

Weather in Liège

In Liège, the weather is considered mild. However, there is quite a bit of rainfall, even in what can be considered the drier months. It receives more rain than the UK, but a bit less than the precipitation in the Netherlands, with the rainiest months being July and December.

In the summer, you can expect plenty of cloudy days, which spills over into the winter, along with cold temperatures and high winds. Average temperatures vary between 5°С and 23°С.

Public holidays in Belgium

General Holidays

  • Sunday - 1 January - New Year’s Day

  • Monday - 17 April - Easter Monday

  • Monday - 1 May - Labour Day

  • Thursday - 25 May - Ascension Day (40 days after Easter)

  • Monday - 5 June - Whit Monday (the seventh Monday after Easter, sometimes known as Pentecost Monday)

  • Tuesday - 15 August - Assumption Day (Assumption of Mary)

  • Wednesday - 1 November - All Saints' Day

  • Saturday - 11 November - Armistice Day

  • Monday - 25 December - Christmas Day

Celebrated Belgian Holidays

  • Monday - May 8 - Feast of the Iris – a feast for the Brussels region

  • Friday - 21 July - Belgium National Day (Belgian Independence Day) – the day Leopold I became the first King of Belgium in 1831

  • Tuesday - July 11 - Celebration of the Golden Spurs (Day of the Flemish Community) – a celebration of the victory of the borough militia and the Count of Flanders over the king of France

  • Sunday - September 24 - Day of the French-speaking Community – a day of remembrance for the victory of the patriots over the Dutch army in 1830

  • Wednesday - November 15 - Day of the German-speaking Community – the day the arms, flag and colors were instituted in the German-speaking area

  • Wednesday - 6 December - St. Nicholas Day – a time when Sinterklaas (Saint Nicolas) puts presents in the children’s shoes

Facts about Liège

  1. Liège has a rich literary history; after the Bible, the most translated books were written about Inspector Maigret, by Georges Simenon, an author from Liège.

  2. Belgium is famous for its waffles, and in Liège, the most popular is eaten like a cookie.

  3. In Outremeuse, the celebration of the Virgin Mary (called Le Quinze Août) is held on August 15th. There are flea markets, concerts, dances and games.

  4. Liège is home to one of the biggest Christmas markets in all of Belgium. You can also visit the Batte market on Sundays, where you can find tasty food, clothing and plenty of other wares.

  5. Liège’s nightlife is pretty legendary. There are numerous pubs, most of which in Le Carré are open until the early hours of the morning, such as the ever-popular La Guimbarde.

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