Cost of living in Liège

If you are looking for a more economical city for your international studies, then Liège is definitely a viable option. The cost of living, beyond student accommodation in Liége, is lower than the costs associated with living in Brussels. Monthly costs in Liège should easily fit into most student budgets.

Housing costs

Throughout Belgium, as well as in Liège, many students live in what are known as "kot’s," the Belgian term for student housing. You’ll find that prices are cheaper in Liège than in Brussels, and you can secure a room between €350 and €500. The more people who share the building, the cheaper the rent, but if you want your own kitchen, the rent will be higher. If you come with a friend or meet a classmate online before your arrival, the best way to save money is to share an apartment or a studio, so that you can split the rent, which is typically around €600.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the location of the room or apartment can make a big difference in the monthly rental amount. In the city center, a one-room apartment will run between €400 and €600. The same space would only cost between €300 and €500 outside of the city center. If you’ve made some friends or brought a few along and want to rent a three-bedroom apartment, the price per month typically ranges between €600 and €900, which can be split between the roommates.

Food costs

Food is generally on the cheaper range in Liège. Of course, if you like to eat out, you are definitely going to spend more, so buying meal ingredients from the grocery store and cooking at home is a better option for those trying to stick to a budget. Plus, if you have roommates, you can cook together and split the costs.

Here are a few example of common items and their prices:

  • Liter of Milk - 0.80 €

  • Loaf of White Bread - 1.00 €

  • White Rice - 1.40 €

  • Dozen Eggs - 2.20 €

  • Local Cheese - 7.70 €

  • Chicken Breast - 7.50 €

  • Apples (1kg) - 2.20 €

  • Bananas (1kg) - 1.80 €

  • Tomatoes (1kg) - 2.50 €

  • Potatoes (1kg) - 1.75 €

  • Water (1.5 liter) - 0.70 €

  • Wine - 7.00 €

  • Imported Beer - 1.75 €

When dining out, pricing usually falls within these ranges:

  • Meal at Inexpensive Restaurant - 11.00 €

  • Three-course Meal for Two - 47.50 €

  • Meal at McDonald’s - 8.00 €

Be sure that during your time in Belgium, you try some local dishes as a treat when you splurge and dine out.

Transportation costs

Public transport is easy to work into a budget in Liège, but taxis are very expensive. Getting a monthly transport pass is usually the best way to go as a student. Below is an estimate of the typical transport options.

  • One-way Local Transport Ticket - 2.20 €

  • Monthly Pass - 37.00 €

  • Taxi Starting Price - 6.40 €

  • Taxi Price Each Kilometer - 3.30 €

For traveling back and forth to the university, public transportation is probably the best option, especially if it’s raining. But if you’re within walking distance, you can see much more of the city on foot.

Other Costs

While away from home, there are also other expenses that you might want to consider, such as a gym membership or Wi-Fi. As with most everything else, these things are also slightly less expensive in Liège. Below are the prices of a few common costs.

Utilities (Monthly)

  • Basic (Electric, Water, Garbage and Heating and Cooling) - 134.00 €

  • One Minute of Mobile Phone Service - 0.18 €

  • Internet (With Unlimited Data and Cable) - 30.00 €

Sports and Leisure

  • Monthly Gym Membership - 23.30 €

  • Hourly Tennis Court Rental - 15.00 €

  • Cinema Ticket - 10.00 €

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