Looking for a place to stay in Liège

Looking a place to rent in Liège can be a little less difficult than is some places in Europe, especially in capital cities like Paris, Rome or Amsterdam. There are university housing options, as well as rooms and apartments on the private market, offering a variety of different accommodations.

Room prices

Rental costs have already been provided in this guide’s cost of living section, but a short summarization includes that pricing is typically between €350 and €500. If you share the space, the price each student will pay can be cheaper. You can often find students willing to share a room online on social media groups.

Liège neighbourhoods

Liège is home to 27 unique neighborhoods that all offer different reasons that make them attractive places to live. Students are often looking for a specific set of amenities that will make the area a good housing choice, typically based on price, its proximity to the university or school, and if it is a neighborhood whose residents tend to primarily be young people or also students.

The City center

The City Center is where you will find the largest concentration of attractions, including museums and libraries, as well as some of the most-visited restaurants, cafes, bars and nightclubs. This area also includes the neighborhoods of Le Carré, Avroy, Féronstrée and Hors-Château. For those attending the University of Liège, this is an extremely convenient location, as that many of the university buildings are located right in the heart of the city, situated in the center as well, and within walking distance of many apartment buildings and student residences.

The Letters and Sciences faculties are the most convenient to the City Center, and many students enjoy living close by along Boulevard D’Avroy, Rue Saint Gilles, Jonfosse, Cathedral, Rue Louvrex and Avenue Rogier.


Situated east of the City Center, you will find the slightly quieter neighborhood of Outremeuse, which is right over the river (basically an island) and still very convenient for student life. This area is very popular with students and working-class residents. A large festival that honors the Black Virgin is held in the streets, and the area is also home to the Aquarium-Museum of Liège, with its natural history museum and over 2,500 fish and reptiles.

Quartier de I’lle

Quartier de I’lle is another popular area where most of the city’s shopping is located, along with an abundance of restaurants. There’s also quite a few churches and cathedrals, each sporting its own architectural style, ranging from Gothic to Romanesque. Due to its proximity to shopping and dining, along with its convenient public transportation links into the City Center, it’s a popular locale for incoming students.

If your courses are held at Sart Tilman, where 7 faculties of Uliege are situated, you will more than likely need a bus pass, as that it is a bit away from the most popular neighborhoods. Again, you may opt to stay on the Boulevard D’Avroy, or along rue Darchis, rue Des Augustins, rue Du Jardin Botanique and rue Des Guillemins, which will put you close to the bus route. It is also a 15- to 20-minute walk to the city center.

Seraing and Herstal

Some students even opt to stay in some of the suburbs of the city along the river, with Seraing to the south and Herstal in the north, both a mix of industrial areas with working-class residents and young students and families. Again, purchasing a bus pass will be important if you opt to consider these areas for housing.

5 tips to find housing in Liège

  1. The first thing you should do when thinking about living in Liège is to register with a trusted housing platform. On Housing Anywhere, you can even be alerted when a property that matches your preferences is listed.

  2. Ask the university where you will be studying in they have any recommendations. They may also have a public board where advertisements are posted.

  3. Check out a Facebook group for Liège, where you can search for rental space.

  4. You can also ask your family and friends if they happen to know anyone who may be renting a room in the area.

  5. Last but definitely not least, start looking early. Don’t wait until the last minute, or you may find that all of the budget-friendly options have already been taken.

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