Universities in Leiden

Leiden University

Leiden University is the oldest and most prestigious university in the country. It’s known throughout Europe as a first-class institution, particularly in the realms of Arts and Humanities. With over 50 departments and more bachelor’s and master’s programmes than you can shake a stick at.

For international students, there are over 18 separate courses taught in English, including the likes of Law, Japanese Studies, Medicine and Archaeology. It’s a real hub for international students, and you’ll have an absolute blast in Leiden if you choose to study here.

The university has a bunch of locations around the city, but they’re all easily reached by bike if you live near or close to town.

Leiden University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool Leiden)

There are over 7,000 students enrolled at the UAS Leiden, which makes it a fair bit smaller and more focused than Leiden University. The university has separate faculties in:

  • Health

  • Education

  • Technology

  • Business Management

  • Social Work and Applied Psychology

There’s plenty of space for international students with a range of classes taught in English. However, the range is much broader if you’re able to study in Dutch. To do this, you’ll need to obtain an NT2-II (aka Dutch as a foreign language) diploma as proof of competency.

The campus is situated to the north-west, but is still easily reached by bike or bus, depending which kind of public transport you prefer to use.

Webster University the Netherlands

Webster University was originally a private university in Missouri, USA, but for the past 30 years has had international campuses across Europe, including Leiden. The Webster University Leiden campus is located in the quaint heart of the city, where all of their various courses are taught.

Remember this is a private university, so it will cost thousands of euros each term, as opposed to the public University of Leiden. Exchange programmes are still possible, but you may have to contact the university directly to enquire about your specific situation.

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Student Associations

A big part of student life in the Netherlands is managed through student associations, or SAs. They organize events, help students meet one another, grow societies and sports clubs and so much more. Whether it’s to make some friends with whom you can enjoy a casual beer, or to influence the association itself and start improving the student experience for your peers, there are loads of good reasons to join and be an active part of a student association. The International Student Network Leiden is a great example - check them out!

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