Find a place to live in Kingston

Because Kingston is such a thriving student city, this can often put housing in very high demand. Student accommodation in Kingston can be quite expensive.

Sometimes students will search for rooms that are directly on campus, but this can be tough on a student’s budget. Many students opt to find rooms for rent in Kingston that are in close proximity to campus but are offered at lower prices. Often, students also find apartments that they can share with a few of their new classmates, splitting up the bills and the cleaning responsibilities. This can also make it easier to acclimate to student life.

Room prices

As with any locale, there is a lot that goes into determining the price for a room. If you are set on living on campus, then you should be prepared to typically pay €6,500 for the entire year, often including utilities.

If you decide to live off campus, then the pricing will drop. You can usually rent a room in the range of €400-€600 a month in a shared house. This may or may not include utilities.

Kingston neighbourhoods

Kingston offers over 40 different neighborhoods, each one with its own unique personality. Some areas are full of young people and offer a vibrant atmosphere, while there are quieter, more rural spots if you desire a little peace and relaxation. Yet, almost all offer private residences, dining and shopping options, schools and parks.

In the central areas of Kingston, you can expect to see historic buildings and older architectural designs, while there are more modern styles in the outer areas. Directly on or quite near the waterfront in Kingston's downtown, there are also several sets of new apartment buildings that sport phenomenal views.

Students typically flock to the University District, or what is also known as the Student Ghetto. It encircles the area around Queen’s University, and its residents are mostly made up of students or faculty members. It also includes some of the bustling areas of Princess Street, as well as museums, art galleries and libraries. This is also where you’ll find Kingston General Hospital. There are numerous options for student housing in this area, but it is in high demand, so start your search early.

Calvin Park is yet another popular neighborhood with incoming international students, especially due to its proximity to Queen’s campus, as well as everything that the City Centre has to offer. Plus, it’s very pedestrian friendly, with a nice network of walking and cycling paths. This area offers a large number of apartments that are utilized by students who are sharing the space with classmates. And if you need a change of scenery from the libraries on campus, the new Calvin Park library offers a state-of-the-art center with workstations and a large selection of books.

Queens is bordered by Lake Ontario and Princess Street, making it a scenic neighborhood with cool breezes from the waterfront. This neighborhood is historic and stately, with numerous houses that have been divided into apartments for student accommodation. For recreation, you’ll find a public pool and a few museums, including the Museum of Health Care. Best of all, Queens is home to Queen’s University.

3 tips to find housing in Kingston

Living in Kingston is going to be well-worth all of the effort. Just keep in mind how extremely important finding the ideal housing will be, as that this is going to take up the largest portion of your budget while studying abroad. Here are a few helpful tips:

  1. The first thing is to register with a trusted housing platform like, which assists students in looking for rooms and apartments all across the globe. With the rising reports of scams when it comes to renting rooms, it’s important to find a safe source for your rental needs. Plus, Housing Anywhere even has a feature that will allow to book securely, offering a refund if you find that the room is not as described, within 72 hours. You can also set your preferences so that you are notified when a property that matches them is listed.
  2. Next, join a few Facebook groups, which were created to help students find accommodation. However, social media is best used to interact with other students regarding finding a roommate or two. Remember that if you book a room through a contact on Facebook, there are no guarantees and no refunds if the housing is not what you expected.
  3. Lastly, ask anyone and everyone for assistance. You’ll be surprised to find that you may know a landlord through a friend of a friend who may be renting a room. You can also advertise your need for a room. You never know who might see it and be able to offer information.

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