Health insurance in Iceland

If you become a legal resident or relocate to Iceland for at least six months, then you will be given the opportunity to opt into the national plan, which will offer lower rates than other alternatives. International students are required to have 2,000,000 ISK (≈ €16,230) worth of insurance to over basic medical needs and requirements.

Temporary stay (students)

Insured citizens of EEA countries who bring their health cards will be entitled to medical benefits during a temporary stay in Iceland. If you come from an EEA or EFTA country, you need only bring your European Health Insurance Card (EHIC). You will need to register at the Icelandic Health Insurance office by sending an email with a completed application and a copy of your S-41 or E-104 to However, you must first register your legal residence in the country of Iceland. If you neglect to register, you will not be able to use health insurance services for six months. When seeking medical or health-related services, present the card, along with a passport or other proof of citizenship and the fee for the service, which is the same for foreigners and locals alike. Unless these documents are presented, all full medical fees will be charged.

If you are from another Nordic country, confirmation of insurance from that country will suffice.

Non-EEA citizens

If you are not covered by the EEA or have not been a resident of Iceland for at least six months and taken the opportunity to opt into the national health plan, you can still seek medical attention. However, you must pay in full for the services that are rendered. According to your insurance company’s rules within your home country, you may be able to seek reimbursement.

For professionals

Before you begin any type of employment, be sure to know if you are insured. This can not only affect the payment of social security contributions, but also your pension rights and benefits down the road. To apply for health insurance for work, contact Sjukratryggingar Islands, also known as Icelandic Health Insurance, to request a form and a list of all essential documentation.

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