Things to do in Hamburg

Things to do and see in Hamburg

Visit Miniatur Wunderland

This attraction houses the world’s biggest model railway, and it is always packed with visitors. It includes everything from the Swiss Alps to casinos in Las Vegas, so expect to be dazzled. However, the biggest draw is the Hamburg Airport replica, with a model airplane that actually takes off from the runway every few minutes.

See the views from St. Michael’s Church

This stunning church is nicknamed Michel, and you can take the elevator or climb the steps for a remarkable view of Hamburg. Be sure to take plenty of pictures to show your friends and family back home!

Hop on a boat tour from Jungfernstieg

From Alster tourism, you can set up all sorts of tours along and around Hamburg’s second largest river! It also runs into man-made lakes in the city’s center, offering an opportunity for sailing. You can also opt for a great walk along the 9 km loop.

A night out at the Reeperbahn

When in Hamburg, this is a must-do! Everyone should see the Reeperbahn at least once, but if you want to dance the night away in a less-touristy locale, try the clubs at Hamburger Berg.

Experience the Altona fish market.

Every Sunday morning, this huge market fills with bargain hunters and people who are still out from a Saturday night of drinking and dancing. It’s fun just to people watch, but you should also indulge in the fresh fish and some of the best sweets in the city.

Top places to party in Hamburg

Cocktail Bar Clockers

This trendy speakeasy has no sign, but those in-the-know look for the bell outside. They distill their very own gin, proudly served in the Gin Basil Smash cocktail. The downstairs is a dance club, with the upstairs a relaxed are with leather chesterfields and an intimate atmosphere.

Grosse Freiheit 36

Grosse Freiheit 36 takes its name from the legendary street, hosting over 100 concerts each year. In fact, it received the live entertainment award for 2015.

Glanz und Gloria

Nestled in Schmidts Tivoli, this is another great place to go for an expertly mixed cocktail. It also boasts a large terrace for warm weather.

The Chug Club

If you’ve had your fill of the over-crowded Reeperbahn, the side streets of St.Pauli offer a lot of great bars and clubs. Chug Club is known for its creative drinks, such as the Chug Menuess or the Buttermilk Margarita.


Docks, also nicknamed D-Club, is the city’s largest music club. Many well-known artists have graced its stage, like David Bowie, Bob Dylan and even Metallica.

Top affordable places to eat in Hamburg


This place offers fresh seafood in a vibrant atmosphere, with rough wooden tables. You can expect dishes to include smoked salmon, soused herrings, halibut and mackerel, pollack, grilled sea bass, monkfish and scallops.

Brachmann’s Galeron Restaurant

If you want to try Schwabian cooking from south Germany, Brachmann’s Galeron Restaurant is the place. The portions are large, and the prices are moderate, making it very popular with university students. It also offers several vegetarian dishes.

Bruecke 10

Situated in the middle of the harbor, you can eat your fill of Hamburg’s delicious fish buns. The views are also simply stunning as you enjoy some of the best food and drinks in the entire city.


This eatery brings a bit of Italy to Hamburg with its affordable pizzas. You can find it in the Portugiesenviertel on the harbor, where you can also see the ships come in.

Brauhaus Joh. Albrecht

Located around the back of the town hall, this popular brewery house is one of Hamburg’s favorite meeting points. Beer is also brewed right in front of your eyes, and you can even ask about the process. Also keep this spot in mind for one of the best brunches in Hamburg.

Events and festivals in Hamburg

Water light concerts

Water and light orgel concerts are held between May and September at night at Planten un Blomen. The fountains and special light effects are mixed with all styles of music, so it’s appealing to all ages and musical interests.

STAMP - The Street Arts Melting Pot

Held on 1-3 of June 2018, this festival of international street art is one of the city’s most popular festivals. You can see performances from artists like musicians, dancers and many more during this fun weekend.

Altonale - 1. to 17. June 2017 - Altona

Each year in June, you can take part in well over 200 events centering around theater, film, literature, art and dance. This is a great way to experience the culture of Hamburg!


On 30 August through 2 September of 2018, approximately 600,000 visitors flood into the Alst. You can learn all about maritime history, and take part in activities both on land and on the water.

Oktoberfest in Hamburg

During the months of September and October, you can experience the festival that Germany is known for! Oktoberfest brings brass music bands, Bavarian foods and plenty of beer to the city, as well as some of the most epic parties of the year.

Christmas Markets in Hamburg at the end of November

You may have heard about the Christmas markets in Germany, but Hamburg really does offer some of the best. The largest is called "Rathausmarkt," and it has everything from local foods to all sorts of gift inspiration. However, for some really nice handmade items and traditional crafts, try some of the smaller markets.

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