Cost of living in Guadalajara

If you’re a European moving to Guadalajara for an exchange or internship, you’ll find the cost of living in most areas to be substantially lower than at home. In terms of housing, food and drink and transport, Guadalajara is generally ranked as much less expensive than average for an upper middle-income country. So, if your home country has a similarly strong economy, you’ll probably get more bang for your buck out here - result!

The Euro is equal to around 23 Mexican pesos, and a pint of beer is around 25 pesos on average…

Housing and food costs

You can find good accommodation in a safe, respectable location for as little as €200 or so per month, plus utilities. Given that an unfurnished place in Helsinki will cost €450-700 euros, if you can find one at all, this is almost ridiculously little. Bills will cost extra, but all-in-all you’d have to try quite hard to spend over €400 a month on your Guadalajara accommodation.

Transportation сosts

The public transport system in Guadalajara is pretty organised and very cheap. To travel around the city, a single bus journey costs about €0.30, and they run all over the city. There is a limited underground system, also very cheap at €0.30 per journey, though it’s not used too often as it is currently quite underdeveloped.

There are taxis all over the city, but be prepared for drivers to try and rip you off - if you’re clearly not from the area, they’ll probably chance their arm. Agree a price in advance before setting off. During the day, the fare should never exceed €2.50 in the city, so it’s a very cheap way to get around if you’re in a hurry, or simply have no idea where you’re going.

An annual subscription to the City Bikes system MiBici costs under €20. This gives you a free 30 minute journey with every bike you take out. When your time is nearly up, simply swap your bike at any of the stations and get another 30 minutes free!

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