Universities in Groningen

With over 50,000 students in the city of Groningen, it’s fairly evident that the choice of universities must be world-class. In fact, there are two universities offering excellent international education opportunities to students on exchange who have chosen to relocate to Groningen.

Hanze University of Applied Sciences

The Hanze University of Applied Sciences is the largest institution of higher learning in the northern region of the Netherlands. With over 70 different courses available, it’s easy to see why this university has achieved international acclaim. With a representation for almost any professional field, it truly offers something for any interest.

Additionally, Hanze UAS aims to be the main player when it comes to current social issues of great importance. What is the best way to switch to renewable energy? What must be done to ensure that we grow old in a healthy manner? The university has become a specialist in the areas of Energy and Healthy Aging, and their strongest strengths lie in the aspects of entrepreneurship and excellence in all things academic.

If you decide to become a student at Hanze UAS, you will find many ways to benefit from the cutting-edge innovation and the expert research that the university is known for.

Hanze UAS offers Bachelor's courses that are completely taught in English on the following topics:

  • Art

  • Engineering

  • Business and Economics

  • Music

  • Health

University of Groningen (Rijksuniversiteit Groningen)

The University of Groningen offers its student 11 different faculties, nine graduate schools and a total of 27 institutes and research centers, hosting over 175 programs, which are taught through the entire city center and surrounding regions.

Bachelor’s programs

For those hoping for a good variety of courses taught in English, you’re definitely in luck. There are approximately 30 Bachelor’s programs taught in the English language, with nine being named as "Top Degree Programs."

Master’s programs

Currently, the University of Groningen also offers well over 125 Master’s programs taught in English, with 18 among the "Top Rated Programs" in the Netherlands.

Largest student associations

After you’ve decided to set up your student exchange in Groningen, you’re probably wondering how you’ll meet other international students. The student associations organize events and set up regular parties, ensuring that you’ll never have a gap in your social calendar during your entire stay.

Socializing with other international students is a breeze when you join ESN, which can definitely assist with a variety of activities for fun-filled meetings. Specifically, ESN sets up an annual introduction at the start of each new year, providing the perfect opportunity to also familiarize yourself with the university and the city itself.

For students who are also hoping to find religious organizations while they are studying abroad, there is a slew of opportunities available through various student associations. Filling the gap for students who have left their religious institutions back home, you’ll also find meetings and a full social calendar. There’s a Catholic association called Albertus Magnus, along with GSV, a Reformed association. Additionally, The Navigators Student Association Groningen is open to all Christians of any denomination.

During special events like KEI-Week and ESN Introduction Week, you’ll also find tons of activities to help introduce you to other students, the university and the city of Groningen.

The ESN Introduction Week might just possibly be the best way to kick off your time abroad in Groningen, with plenty of ways to meet both local and other international students. You’ll also learn the best ways to get around in Groningen, where to find the best bars to have drinks with your new classmates and a bit about Dutch history. Offering events all throughout the year, you can even sign up online for this amazing opportunity to acclimate to your new surroundings.

Additionally, KEI-Week is another student introduction week, full of events from all types of student associations. With over 50,000 students in the city, it’s one of the biggest events all year, providing information, fun and a collection of opportunities that are unparallelled. Don’t miss it!

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