Universities in Gothenburg

Gothenburg University

Gothenburg is absolutely abuzz with student life, and nowhere is that more evident than the 37,000-strong Gothenburg University. The uni is split across eight different faculties, including fine, applied and performing arts, IT, Business and Education and a range of other courses and programmes. It also places heavy emphasis on interdepartmental collaboration to give everyone a well-rounded, balanced education.

The "campus" of Gothenburg University is just the city itself, with different departments spread out among a host of buildings, all within the centre. For technical students, you will work closely with the Chalmers Technical University and take some classes in their buildings.

Chalmers University of Technology

Over 1,000 masters students at Chalmers are internationals, which showcases a tremendous depth and level of international cooperation from Gothenburg. The university is all about sustainability and innovation (with the two frequently overlapping) and is a very high performing school.

All of its subjects are in the realms of science, technology and engineering, and cover pretty much all technical specialities. Their full list of master’s degree programmes is almost daunting, but it quickly let’s you find the niche which suits you best. It’s a public university which is very open minded about exchange opportunities, so if you’re studying here, know that you’ll be welcomed with open arms by the university, its people and the entire population of Gothenburg.

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Student associations

Both universities have their own student association. These work with (and for) students toward improving their education, opportunities and the overall university experience. The SA works as an information centre, where you can get answers to any questions you might have about Gothenburg, the university or general student life. You can even reap serious discounts and commercial benefits with an SA card!

You can contact your university to learn more about their student associations, though they’ll almost certainly tell you all about them once you start classes.

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