Things to do in Gothenburg

Gothenburg has become a prime location for many travellers over recent years, especially food-lovers. Situated on a gorgeous coastline, the amount of quality seafood is staggering, so it’s no wonder that its restaurants are award-winning and amongst the most highly-rated in the world. What that means for you is a guarantee of top quality eating during your stay. There are also breathtaking views, sensational Swedish events and great bars dotted all over the city. There’s something for everyone, we’re going to highlight some of the best parts of Gothenburg!

Sightseeing in Gothenburg


This fish market is open every day of the week from 10am-6pm and sits inside an old church. There are traditional fishmongers flogging their wares, but also a variety of restaurants where you can sit amid the hustle and bustle to relax, enjoy a meal and have a drink. The port is the beating heart of Gothenburg, so witnessing this thriving market is to see the city in its element.

Haga, aka the Old Town

Dating back to the mid-1600s, this is one of the oldest areas of the city. There are beautifully preserved houses and shops (made from ancient timber) as well as traditional Swedish cafes, filled to bursting with fresh pastries and hot fika. The same attractions in the area include a spa, Bräutigam's (a 140-year-old chocolatier) and plenty of live music in the evenings.

The Museum of Art

Gothenburg’s art museum is one of the finest in Northern Europe. Featuring work by masters like Picasso, Rembrandt, Monet and Carl Larsson, there isn’t a finer art attraction anywhere else in the country. Next door is the concert hall, as well as a shop and cafe where you can relax after a long day’s admiration! Entry costs SEK40 (around €4) but under 25s get in for free.

Liseberg Amusement Park

What, you weren’t expecting an amusement park at the coastal city of Gothenburg? With over 40 different rides and rollercoasters, you can keep an entire family active and filled with adrenaline at the Liseberg for easily an entire day! The park also hosts concerts, a tremendous Christmas market as well as food, drink, music and games every day. It’s a great day out, and only costs €10 or so, while children under 110cm enter for free!

Älvsborg Fortress

During a great war between the Danes and the Swedes in the early 18th century, Älvsborg famously held against raid after raid from the Danish forces without ever yielding. It is considered one of the best-preserved and most important fortresses in all of Sweden, and today is a very popular, cultural tourist destination. It’s worth checking out for both the insight into your new country’s history, and the thrilling retelling of the Älvsborg’s past, which is enrapturing.

Best bars in Gothenburg

Gothenburg may be well-known for producing unrivalled seafood, but don’t underestimate the quality of its drinking establishments. With a huge population of students, Gothenburg is considered the night-life capital of the country over its big brother Stockholm; from cocktail bars to old ale pubs, cafes and everything in between, you’ll never run out of choices.

Upper House Lounge

Decided to open with the fanciest option on the list: the Upper House Lounge. With a selection of over 10 fine, Nordic ales on tap and mouthwateringly good cocktails, the 25th floor of the Middle Tower is the place to be for a fancy night out. It has an open top terrace, and requires a key to enter the lift which must be sought from the hotel concierge desk. There’s also a Michelin Star restaurant, so you’d better be dressed to the nines!

Yaki-Da Bar

With four floors, as many DJs and a string of bars, Yaki-Da is one of the nightlife highlights of the city. Each floor has its own genre, and the interior is all antique furniture and hipster feel. You need to be over 23 (or exceptionally attractive) to get in, and you can expect queues as it’s an extremely popular venue. There’s a backyard as well, where you can perk up with a coffee (or coffee cocktail) so there’s no excuse for not lasting the whole night!

Steampunk Bar

This place is a bit niche, but you’re bound to enjoy it! A Steampunk bar is one which uses 1800s, industrial aesthetics as part of its interior design. The waiters and barmen wear clothing which fits the genre, and it’s a really fun place to go drinking! There are over 60 gins, 200 beers and a full cocktail menu, so you aren’t going to go thirsty. Open until 1am on a Friday and Saturday, which are probably the best (but busiest) nights!

Pix Bar

One of a few pintxos bars in Gothenburg, it’s the only one which boasts a rooftop terrace and jaw-dropping interior design. The tapas-style food is just like you might get in Spain, while the drinks list is comprehensive. Even better, if you want a cocktail, just tell the barman what you like and he’ll whip something up for you!

Olssons Vin Bar

A wine bar! Not only that, but a seriously good one. They have nearly 30 different wines available by the glass, and many, many more by the bottle. Set inside an old auction house, it’s a stunning bar which is open until midnight (an hour later on the weekend) and is the perfect place to relax and enjoy wine, rather than getting sloshed for as little money as you can.

Best places to eat in Gothenburg


Feeling inclined to combine a traditional French form of boules with a buffet brunch? Never heard of such an obscure idea? Either way, you’re in luck! The Boulebar costs around €20 for a 90 minute game of boules, followed by your brunch. It’s indoors, but the environment is designed extremely well to look outdoors, meaning you can play boules in any conditions! It’s a really unusual way to eat, and I recommend it highly.

Umami Burger Truck

Students love quick, inexpensive and tasty eats. The distinctive turquoise van can be found at Magasinsgatan courtyard, and is almost more visible thanks to the long line of people waiting to be served! It’s insanely popular, but with amazing burgers and handmade sides, as well as gorgeous sauces like bloody-Mary ketchup or truffle dip, it’s easy to see why. Great, simple food at a good price.

Gabriel’s, Feskekorka

There is a huge fish market in an old church in town. It’s a thriving area for trading seafood, but also contains a number of restaurants, including Gabriel’s. Lobster, oysters, prawns...the list is much longer, and it is all straight from the sea, through the kitchen, to your plate. It’s a fairly hipster joint but the food is classic and delicious.


Not to be mistaken with the fish market mentioned above, Market is a restaurant which serves an eclectic, Japanese-Mexican hybrid menu. Plenty of vegan and veggie options (like avocado fries and vegan tacos) and of course, sumptuous, fresh fish and seafood dishes. It’s very unique, and absolutely must be on your "to try" list.

Café Husaren

There are literally heaped piles of cinnamon buns in the window, and countless other gorgeous pastries inside, from ancient Swedish classics through to pure chocolatey, sugary delights. Settle down with a hot chocolate or a few cups of fika (coffee) and watch the world go by on the busy, cobbled streets outside.

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