Moving to Enschede

Moving to a brand new city can be very hard, especially if you’re going for a student exchange. You will have to choose from a vast array of phenomenal universities in numerous countries, whether it be the Netherlands, Italy, France or other destinations. You’ll need to learn about the culture, what there is to do and where to find the best drink specials.

If you’ve decided on Enschede, then one of the first things you’ll need to do is find housing. Student accommodation in Enschede can range in price, location and amenities, so having all of the right information at your fingertips can de-stress the planning process.

At Housing Anywhere, we have a team from over 20 different countries, so we are experts at international living. In this guide, you’ll find the bests ways to feel like a local in Enschede in no time!

About Enschede

Situated in the Eastern Netherlands, Enschede boasts over 160,000 residents. It is a resilient, vibrant city, full of opportunities and possibilities. It also has a special international appeal, welcoming in over 150 nationalities.

Enschede is also well-known as a place bursting with knowledge and full of many different prospects for education and innovation, including the University of Twente and Kennispark Twente. Students of the performing arts also flock to Enschede for the pop academy, the conservatory and the ArtEZ Academy of Music.

When you’re ready for a laid-back day, the public square and de Oude Markt should definitely be explored, along with its restaurants, bars, cafes and nightclubs. If you love sports, Enschede is also home to the football club, FC Twente.

Dutch language

The official language in the Netherlands is Dutch. However, you’ll see that a good portion of the Dutch people also speaks English, especially in the areas around the universities, or those with younger populations. Many locals will automatically switch to speaking English if they find you’re struggling a bit with Dutch.

As more and more international students move to Enschede for a semester or two, you’ll also hear a few other languages in the streets, adding even more to the energetic international vibe.


The Netherlands is known for its unpredictable rainy weather. You might get a few rays of sun in the morning, but by afternoon, you could find yourself in a downpour. In fact, you should never leave the house without an umbrella. Expect a lot of overcast skies, and you’ll never be disappointed!

Here are a few more facts about what to expect in Enschede:

  • In July and August, you will experience the most pleasant weather of the year, with warmer average temperatures of around 18 °C to over 25 °C. But be prepared for the humidity!

  • The warmest month is usually August.

  • September offers the most temperate weather, with a hint of warmth before the cold air and the rain sets in.

  • The coolest months are typically January and February, with daytime temperatures at 4°C (40°F).

  • The wettest month is June, so be sure to pack a raincoat and boots!

  • If you’re hoping to avoid as much rain as possible, February is the driest.

Public Holidays

The Netherlands celebrates a lot of public holidays. On these days, you can expect the banks, businesses and most shops to be closed.

  • New Year's Day, January 1st

After New Year’s Day, the entire city is mostly in a state of recovery. This is a big clean-up day for Enschede, as well as a quiet time among family and friends.

  • Easter

During the time of Easter, families reunite and share a fun, festive meal. A large grill is set up on the table, and everyone gets the chance to cook their favorite meats.

  • Kingsday, April 27th

This is one of the best Dutch holidays of the entire year! On Kingsday, everyone gets dressed up in orange, and there are dozens of parties out in the streets. You can also find a slew of second-hand markets, where you can buy books, antiques, clothes and even furniture for your new place. If you get over to Amsterdam, revelers rent small boats and party up and down the canals.

  • Sinterklaas (Sint Niklas), December 5th

On this day, you can experience the Dutch version of Santa Claus. Children from all across the country celebrate Sinterklaas, who is a bishop from Spain who passes out treats and gifts.

Adults and students also exchange gifts during this time as "secret friends." It is popular to give out handmade presents or to write a poem or create a craft.

Don’t forget to buy your kruidnoten and pepernoten during Sinterklaas, which are delicious Dutch confections that you can only buy after September and before December.

  • Christmas, December 25-26th

If you love Christmas, you’re in luck, because you get two days to celebrate this magical holiday in the Netherlands. During this time, families get together to exchange gifts and to enjoy a delicious meal, usually consisting of deer, steaks or ostrich, as the main course.

List of Dutch National Public Holidays in 2018

  • Monday, January 1, New Year’s Day: Nieuwjaarsdag
  • Friday, March 3, Good Friday: Friday before Easter
  • Monday, April 2, Easter Monday: Monday after Easter
  • Friday, April 27, King’s Birthday: Celebrations are held throughout the city
  • Thursday, May 1, Ascension Day: 40 days after Easter
  • Monday, May 21, Whit Monday: 7th Monday after Easter, known as Pentecost Monday
  • Tuesday, December 25, Christmas Day: Eerste Kerstdag
  • Wednesday, December 26, St. Stephen’s Day: Tweede Kerstdag

Facts about Enschede

  1. Enschede is home to 158 different nationalities and about 160,000 residents.

  2. Built in 1783, ‘het Elderinkshuis’ is one of the oldest buildings. It was once an inn for those who arrived at the city’s gate after it was closed for the night, and it was one of the few buildings that was left standing after the fire of 1862.

  3. Hollandia Matzes is the only bakery in the country that offers matzos. It opened in 1932 and is located just steps away from the Synagogue of Enschede.

  4. The Grolsch brewery is nestled between Enschede and Boekelo. Founded in 1615, it is one of the oldest breweries in the Netherlands.

  5. The Enschede Marathon is the oldest marathon in the Netherlands, as well as the second oldest in all of Europe, first taking place in 1947.

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