Cost of living in Enschede

Since the Euro was introduced to the Netherlands in 2002, the overall cost of living has increased. You’ll surely hear the locals lamenting about how they miss the Guilder, the former currency.

If you consider all of your expenses, including rent and utilities, along with health insurance, food, clothes, entertainment and supplies, you should budget somewhere in between €800 and €1100.

Housing and food costs

As you’ve read in the previous section, private rooms in Enschede typically cost between €300 and €600 a month, which can vary depending on the location and the quality of the space. Food can also be pricey, but you can decide whether to cook at home or try to find budget-priced meals at local restaurants.

Many higher education institutions, such as the Twente University, also offer student meals at inexpensive prices. Eetcafés, which are inexpensive, laid-back restaurants, also serve cheaper options.

Below are some of the prices that you can expect while living in Enschede:

· Typical lunch: €8 to €12

· Fast food meal: €7

· One regular beer: €1,70 to €3

· Coffee or tea: €2

· Cinema ticket: €10

· Sandwich: €3 to €5

There are also discount grocery stores like Lidl, Dirk and Aldi. These are generally less expensive than the products that are offered at options like Albert Heijn. You can also keep a regular check on the stores’ websites for sales and specials.

Transportation costs

You might already know that the Netherlands is a bike-friendly country, where almost everyone rides a bike whenever possible. When you relocate to Enschede, you’ll find that this city is no exception. In fact, you should purchase a bike as soon as you arrive, because it is both the simplest and the least-expensive mode of transportation around the city. You can generally find a second-hand bike for as low as €40, and you can look on Facebook or at used or vintage shops, which are very popular in Enschede.

If you decide to use public transportation, it is somewhat cheaper than in other areas of Europe. The entire country utilizes a public transport card, and it can be used on the city’s system of metros, buses, trains and trams. If you buy a single ticket, it is €0.90, plus a rate per kilometer of €0.19.

Trains to other areas are also not too expensive, especially if you opt for the discount card with a 40% discount.

Taxis in Enschede are expensive, so opt for an Uber if it’s your only option. If you have to take a taxi, try to change to another method of transport as soon as possible.

What else?

Wherever you go, be sure to ask if any student discounts are offered. A lot of restaurants, bars, museums and cinemas offer them, so take advantage of the savings. Also, have your student i.d. with you, just in case they ask for verification.

If you are an international student, the International Student Identity Card (ISIC) provides a whole slew of discounts on travel, museums, shopping and more.

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