Moving to Eindhoven

Eindhoven is a bustling city, full of places to see and things to do, making it ideal for incoming international students who are hoping to explore a new place. Living in Eindhoven will be a great experience, both educationally and culturally.

About Eindhoven

Located in the Netherlands and the biggest city in the southern region, it has over 227,000 residents (as of April 2017). Situated in Europe, you can easily reach Eindhoven from the Eindhoven Airport.

Eindhoven is really known for its innovation. Of course, it does help a bit that, over 125 years ago, Philips, the electronics giant, was founded in the city, making for quite a success story for the times, as well as on into the present day. In fact, Eindhoven is still constantly ushering in new advancements when it comes to technology, design, education and creativity.

Dutch Language

Throughout the Netherlands, Dutch is the official spoken language. Yet, you’ll be quick to find that many people in the Netherlands also speak English. If they see that you’re an English speaker, they’ll typically quickly begin using that language to communicate with you. It’s also especially rare to find a young person who doesn’t speak both Dutch AND English, especially in the larger student cities.

Weather in the Netherlands

Most people are aware that the weather in the Netherlands can be unpredictable. In fact, sometimes you can experience all four seasons in the same day. If there’s one thing you can be certain of, most days are overcast. You may get the occasional burst of sunshine, but it’s always best to be prepared with an umbrella at your side!

The winters can be cold, anywhere from -5oC to 12oC, and they typically last through the middle of March. Keep this in mind when you’re packing for the move, by throwing a few pairs of boots and a warm sweater or two into your suitcase.

Spring temperatures can vary, and you never know if Easter might end up colder than Christmas. Again, always prepare for both wind and rain.

However, toward the end of April, you can start enjoying warmer weather for the late spring and summer. Temperatures can range between 18oC and 25oC. September is also usually the best month in Eindhoven, regarding the weather, so plan some outdoor activities during this time.

Public Holidays

It’s always best to know when the main holidays occur in the Netherlands, especially since the banks, shops and many other businesses may be closed.

  • January 1st - New Year's Day

Like everywhere else across the globe, New Year’s Day is a time to recover from the festivities of the night before. The entire city of Eindhoven basically shuts down for a clean-up day, giving you plenty of time to spend with friends.

  • Easter

This is a holiday where families get together to enjoy a traditional meal. A large grill is placed on the table, and everyone has a good time cooking their own meats.

  • April 27th - Kingsday

On this special day, everyone in the Netherlands dresses up in orange and have parties in the streets. If you want to visit Amsterdam during this time, many of the revelers rent small boats and sail them up and down the canals. There’ll also be craft and second-hand markets, where you can find everything from antiques, food, toys and even furniture for your new room or other student accommodation in Eindhoven.

  • December 5th - Sinterklaas (Sint Niklas)

This holiday actually centers around the Dutch version of Santa Claus, where children get together all across the country to celebrate Sinterklaas. Legend has it that he was a bishop who came to the Netherlands around mid-November through the 6th of December each year, passing out presents and treats to the children. The difference is that this jolly fellow is from Spain, and not the North Pole! However, don’t expect the grownups to miss out on all the fun. This is a time also when students can play games or select “secret friends” for gift-giving. Many opt for a handmade craft or a poem. And most importantly, don’t forget to indulge in your fill of pepernoten during Sinterklaas, as this is a special treat only sold during the holiday!

  • December 25-26th - Christmas

The great news is that if you really enjoy the holiday season, in the Netherlands you get two full days of Christmas cheer. Families get together to exchange gifts and have large meals, mostly including meats such as deer, ostrich and steaks.

Facts about Eindhoven

Are you aware that Eindhoven:

  • Is the 5th largest municipality in the Netherlands
  • Is the capital of Dutch Industrial Design
  • Is the creative home to many fields in technology, design and knowledge
  • As of April 2017, has a population of 227, 000
  • Is home to Philips, the well-known electronics company that was founded here
  • Is often referred to as the City of Light

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