Universities in Dublin

University College Dublin

University College Dublin is a world-renowned institution, named as the "university of destination" for students who are moving to Dublin. Therefore, over 6,500 international students make up over 25% of the university’s enrollment. Additionally, the UCD offers a global network that makes up approximately 224,000 students.

  • Location : Belfield, Dublin 4, Ireland

  • Some of the most programs include Law, Business, Nursing and Midwifery.

  • There are two main railway stations in Dublin: Connolly station and Heuston station. You can easily take Dublin bus number 2, 11 and 46A to get to UCD from Connolly station. Bus number 145 will take you from Heuston station to the campus and through the city center.

  • Dublin Bus offers routes to Belfield campus. You can check their schedules to find the most direct routes.

Dublin City University

Dublin City University is not only known for its education, but for its innovation, research and its personal engagement between students and faculty members. They offer individualized programs that appeal to a diverse student population.

  • Location: Glasnevin, Dublin 9, Ireland

  • Popular programs include Bachelor’s of Education and Business Studies.

  • Bus Routes: 31D, 42D and 70D all run to DCU Glasnevin.

Trinity College Dublin

When you think of a true historic campus, Trinity College Dublin most definitely comes to mind. This university has four centuries’ worth of excellence to share with incoming international students, who come to experience both the well-known research and the liberal education that has made Trinity College Dublin a popular choice.

  • Location: College Green, Dublin 2, Ireland

  • Popular programs include Acting, Engineering and Science courses.

  • If you’re arriving into Dublin via the airport, trains do not run directly from that location. You must go by car, taxi or bus.

  • Via Dublin Bus

    • Dublin Buses Number. 16A, 41, 41B, 46X and 746 provide routes to campus.

    • Airlink Buses 747 or 748 go into the city center.

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Biggest student associations

Dublin is home to several student associations, and the most popular are ESN Ireland and AIESEC Ireland. These associations offer helpful information to students, as well as provide a full calendar of events, both educational and social.

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