Cost of living in Dublin

Dublin has grown to be one of the most expensive cities for visitors, especially after the Celtic Tiger boom. If the euro is at a higher exchange than your currency, then things will be even pricier, making it difficult for students on a budget in Dublin.

Tours of the city and the most popular attractions are considered rather expensive, but food and drink are the most noticeably over-priced offerings in Dublin. In fact, it’s even difficult to find simple meals to fit into a student’s budget. And since Dublin is well-known for its nightlife, be prepared to pay at a premium for beer, and mixed drinks are even more costly.

Housing Costs

As mentioned above, housing prices in Dublin are expensive, ranging anywhere from €500 to over €1000 each month.

You will also need to budget for electricity, gas, water, phone, internet and waste disposal. For one person, you can expect this to total about €100 per month. Some of the utilities may be included in your rental price, but be sure to ask in advance.

Most rooms and apartments in Ireland will be completely furnished, so at least you will not have that additional expense.

Food costs

You may be able to purchase some of your meals on campus, or even catch special prices for students at some restaurants, but you can fully expect to spend between €70 to €100 each week on food.

Below are a few examples, whether when dining at a restaurant or purchasing items from a grocery store:

  • Meal at a budget-friendly restaurant - €15

  • A liter of milk - €1

  • 12 eggs - €2.70

  • 1.5 liter bottle of water - €1.50

  • Bottle of wine - €12

  • 1 kg of apples - €2.30

  • 1 kg of bananas - €1.50

  • 1 kg of tomatoes - €2.40

Transport Costs

A typical bus journey in Dublin is around €2.50, but it can be less or more, depending on the stages that are traveled. To purchase a fare, you must pay in exact money, as that no change is given. If you travel frequently, pre-paid tickets will be less expensive. If you have a Student Leap Card, you can even purchase tickets at a discount. Purchasing a monthly pass is €118, while a taxi trip of 8 km will run about €18.

Cycling is also very popular in Dublin, just as it is all throughout Europe. There are lanes just for bicycles, but cycling in the city center can still be a bit difficult during busy times of the day. Wearing a helmet is not required, but many cyclists opt for safety.

Entertainment costs

If you like going to the cinema, tickets are usually between €7 and €12, depending on where and when you see the film. Sometimes, student discounts are offered during the week, but for the film only, and not for snacks or drinks.

Most nightclubs charge entrance fees, which are typically between €7 and €15.

In Dublin, a pint of beer is usually €5, and a glass of wine is about €6.

If you smoke cigarettes, they are very expensive in Dublin, at around €10 for a pack. You cannot smoke in the workplace, which also includes restaurants and bars.

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