Universities in Delft

Delft University of Technology

Considered the most prestigious technical university in the Netherlands - and one of the finest in the world overall, usually ranked inside the top 20 - Delft University of Technology(TU Delft) is a superb institution and you couldn’t choose a better place for your exchange. There are fewer than 20,000 students, so the teaching is extremely focused and produces highly talented graduates.

It has a wide range of programmes across eight faculties, including Applied Sciences, Mechanical, Civil and Electrical Engineering, Architecture and Geosciences. All of the university buildings are located in the centre (the city is extremely proud of TU Delft) but you can check out locations and campus map on the university's website to learn precisely where you’ll be studying.

They are very welcoming to international students, but it is a demanding school so you should be ready to work hard to get the absolute most out of the experience.

Hogeschool inHolland Delft

Hogeschool InHolland is a vocational university with faculties and departments spread out through most cities in the Netherlands. In Delft it is possible to study Agricultural Sciences and Engineering, though you should check out the site as specific courses are very limited. The building is located on the TU Delft campus, so you can use their locations and campus map to find your way there.

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