Things to do in Delft

Top 5 things to see and do in Delft

Oostpoort (the Eastern Gate)

The Eastern Gate is just the picture of Dutch history. It is a brickwork building with two tall spires and sits at the eastern extreme of the Oosteinde Canal. It was constructed around 600 years ago and still looks absolutely flawless today. The apartment inside is unfortunately privately owned, so you can’t go in for a look, but it’s a lovely journey out there, and well worth it for the exterior view.

Delft Blue Factory

So-called Delftware is a form of low-cost pottery invented by the Dutch back in the mid-1600s. Royal Delft is the Delftware factory from back in those early days of production. It first opened at in 1653 and today you can tour around, see the authentic production processes and even learn how the intricate painting is done. It's blue-and-white colors are well-known to all Delft residents, so it’s a real cultural study which you should take part in.

Canal Cruise

The city of Delft contains a myriad network of beautiful canals, and you can now tour the city through them! With a talented and knowledgeable guide, there’s no better way to enjoy the sights of Delft; even if you’ve been here for a while, they offer a perspective you’ve never seen before.

Saturday Flea Market

The weekend market in Delft sells all sorts of wonderful items! There’s food in the form of cheese, meat and fish, as well as a whole range of sweets! There are stalls selling books, clothes and a hundred other things, all haggling and having a great time in the middle of the city. The best thing is that you can buy fresh stroopwafels - there’s nothing better in all of the Netherlands than fresh Stroopwafels.

Museum Prinsenhof

This museum has resided in the former Dutch palace for over a hundred years now and has an open display for fine artwork from the Dutch Golden Age. There are interactive presentations which tell you all about the rich, highly fluctuating history of the Netherlands and its people, in particular the story of the city of Delft.

Fun events in Delft in 2018


On the 15th of December every year (or thereabouts) we have Lichtjesavond, the official opening of the Christmas market and the switching on of the lights. In fact, "switching on the lights" is such an understatement that it’s insulting - the entire centre of Delft is transformed into a bright, shimmering winter wonderland. The crowd is usually tens of thousands strong and it’s a massive celebration - don’t miss out!

Delft Live

De Waag, a lovely, restaurant-based area in the city comes alive every Sunday afternoon with Delft Live. Local bands form up and start playing throughout the day, turning a normal Sunday lunch into a free concert with exceptionally talented, charming artists. Since the food and drink in the area are delicious and fairly priced, there’s no better way to spend your Sunday.

King’s Day

Koningsdag is a national holiday in the Netherlands and is a celebration of the King’s birthday! Across the city there are markets, as well as live music, dancing and plenty of eating too! The whole city (and it’s surrounding area) come together with stages, beers and entertainment, both native and international.

Best places to eat and drink in Delft

Delft Beer Factory

There’s a reason this is top of the list - the Delft Beer Factory has everything you could possible need: barbecued food, a wide selection of home brew beer and a really cosy, homely vibe. The staff are really chilled out, and the master brewer (who runs the place) works all week maintaining and minutely correcting the brewing process so your beer is perfect, every time.

Locus Publicus

Locus Publicus is a really cool, small bar in the city. It stocks over 200 different bottled beers and has 13 different ales always on tap. For anyone who likes beer, you’re in for a great time here. Of course there are wee snacks on offer too, though hearty ales should take care of that problem just as well! Locals love it here, but they also welcome internationals so you’ll feel right at home.

Ciao Ciao

As a student, you need something else in addition to good bars with extensive beer selections: you need food that’s tasty, fresh and inexpensive. Welcome (ironically) to Ciao Ciao. The kitchen (which you can see from your seat) makes everything to order, and the menu is mostly pizzas and pastas for a phenomenal price of under €10, going as low as €5 for a pizza. You might be surprised to hear that the house wine here is actually quite good as well.

Bruintje Beer

If you’re hungry and want to fill yourself up properly, then look no further than Bruintje. It’s not all-you-can-eat, but the portion sizes are massive, along with a cheeky plate of salad which you can of course ignore, if you wish. The food is carb-heavy, with plenty of rice and potatoes, but the meat and veg are delicious too. It’s simple and staple dining, but cheap. Perfect for refueling after a day of sports.

Jazzcafé Bebop

You know when a bar has good music, but it’s so loud you can’t hear yourself think? That doesn’t happen here. The Jazz music is varied and always soothing on the ears, and you can sit out on the patio when the good weather shows up - all round, a seriously relaxing experience. Most guests are in their twenties, so you’ll fit right in!

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