Things to Do in Copenhagen

While you are living in Copenhagen, you’re not going to be in the classroom every moment, which is why it’s important to learn about the city and what to do in your free time. Take a look at just a few of our top picks!

Top 5 things to Do in Copenhagen

1. Experience colorful Christiania

Freetown Christiania is a neighborhood in Copenhagen that is car-free and the perfect idea of a “green” district. It was set up in 1971 by hippies living in abandoned military barracks, who made their own rules, completely independent of the laws of Copenhagen.

2. The Little Mermaid

One of Copenhagen’s most famous tourist attractions can be found at Langelinie Pier. The sculpture of The Little Mermaid is over 100 years old, depicting the heroine of Hans Christian Andersen’s legendary tale.

3. Canal Tour

While most people in Copenhagen walk or ride a bike, it’s quite fun to explore what the city has to offer on a canal tour. You can see things from a completely different vantage point when you’re out on the water, and maybe even learn a bit about the city’s history.

4. Tivoli Gardens

Tivoli Gardens is one of the main reasons that a lot of tourists come to Copenhagen to visit, but it’s also still popular with the locals. It’s the world’s oldest amusement park, with attractions for people of all ages. You can also dine on some really good authentic food at Tivoli Gardens, even though it might be a little pricey.

5. Christiansborg Palace

Christiansborg Palace is nestled on the Islet of Slotsholmen, and it houses Denmark’s Supreme Court, the Danish Parliament and the Prime Minister’s office. The Danish royal family and prime minister often utilize the palace’s luxurious rooms, just perfect for lavish events and receptions for the heads of state or international leaders. The Great Hall is 40 metres long, with space to formally seat 400 guests.

5 best bars in Copenhagen

1. 1656

Considered to be one of the most welcoming bars, with a great ambiance, complete with leather armchairs, this place can make you forget all about the rainy weather outside. The cocktail menu offers seasonal options, and their mainstays are some of the best in all of Copenhagen.

2. Jazzhouse

Jazzhouse is one of the oldest Jazz bars in Copenhagen, and after a brief closure, it came back better than ever. With a respected reputation, Jazzhouse welcomes well-known artists from all across the globe. The stage is located in the basement, with the cocktail bar and restaurant on the floor above. It’s also a favorite hangout of local or visiting musicians.

3. Lidkoeb

Lidkoeb is nestled in a quiet backyard in Vesterbro, sometimes making it a little difficult to stumble across. The interior is unique, decorated in wood, fur and leather. There’s a lengthy bar, private booths and a cozy fireplace, along with a stage for live music. You can also find a whiskey bar upstairs.

4. Vinhanen

Vinhanen is fairly new, boasting a wine bar and a shop. They offer quality wines at low prices, making it really popular with students. Most wines are tapped straight into the glass from large tanks just behind the bar. You can also purchase a reusable bottle to take your favorite home.

5. Ølsnedkeren

If you’re thinking about something a bit more casual for a night out with friends, then Ølsnedkeren is a great option. Its interior has made the bar famous, made from recycled wood and filled with eclectic second-hand store finds. Ølsnedkeren also has a wide selection of beers, including its very own brews.

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