Public transportation in Bologna

Arriving to Bologna


Bologna is nestled along the ia emilia, which is the road that begins at the Adriatic Sea, leading straight to Milan. All of the trains in Italy are managed by Trenitalia, the national company, and you can travel all throughout Italy and beyond.

Bologna is an important center for travel in the country, in fact. Whether your journey takes you north or south, you usually will pass right through Bologna. This means that you may easily reach the city center or your room or apartment in Bologna. Tickets may be purchased at the automatic machines at the stations or the ticket office. Most ticket prices are tallied by the distance traveled. Learn more in cost of living section.


Flying into Bologna by plane is very simple. The Marconi Bologna Airport (BLQ) offers all sorts of flights, including domestic, national and even international. Once your flight arrives, you can take a taxi or the Aerobus (for a fee of €6) to the Central Station, where you will be in the city center at the university or your student accommodation in Bologna in no time!


The A1 Milano - Bologna highway connects these two cities, and it will take you right into the heart of Bologna. There are several roads to take you further out of the city as well. There are also routes that can take you over the Appennini mountains and into Tuscany, or north along the Alps mountains.

Moving around Bologna

When you’ll be needing to get around in Bologna, you’ll be either walking, riding a bike or taking the bus. There is no underground, and there are no tram lines, but you have the convenience of getting from one side of the city to the other in less than 30 minutes.

If you like to drive but didn’t bring your automobile, there are car sharing services around the city, which are really popular with incoming international students in Bologna. You can select a car for either your short- or long-term needs.

And as with almost any other European city, biking is especially popular. In fact, there is even a market for students to purchase second-hand bikes. This way, you can buy a bike when you arrive, and then sell it to another new student before you leave.

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