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As the Capital of the Region Emilia Romagna, Bologna is one of the most important places in all of Italy. However, pricing for rent in Bologna can still fit easily into a student’s budget. Out of the population of 400,000 in Bologna, over 100,000 represent students. Therefore, you will find that rooms and apartments in Bologna are in high demand.

Thankfully, there are different options to choose from within many of Bologna’s bustling neighborhoods. There are student residences at the university, or you can rent a private room or a flat. You can also opt to share with a roommate.


If you’re interested in looking for a shared room, prices usually begin at €260. If you’d like to rent an entire apartment, you may pay around €600. For one person, the utilities will usually cost €40 each month.

Learn more about prices in the cost of living section of our guide.

Bologna neighbourhoods

Most of Bologna’s neighborhoods are quite lively, due in part to the average young population. However, each area has its own unique attributes, which means that some may be better suited to your preferences.

Here are a few of Bologna’s most popular neighborhoods for students.

Historic center

Bologna’s Historic center is full of the city’s most beautiful monuments and buildings, as well as museums and a host of other tourist attractions.

The University of Bologna’s primary faculties are all housed here in the old-fashioned buildings. Most of the people who own homes in the city center now rent them out to students as shared apartments or private rooms.

This is also a wonderful place to explore on foot, with its bustling piazzas, cozy streets and tasty restaurants. On your walk, you’ll also see the Torre degli Asinelli, Saint Petronio Basilica, the Neptune Fountain and more. It’s also a great place for shopping, so set some money aside in your budget!

Even though the prices might be higher in this area, especially within the ancient walls, students love the proximity. Plus, some of the adjacent neighborhoods can be very budget-friendly.


Bolognina, or Little Bologna, is the most diverse neighborhood in Bologna, full of immigrants, artists, students and young families. This is also the second-most-desired area for student housing in Bologna. The houses are cheaper to rent here, and you’re still close to the Central Station and the Exhibition Center. Living in Bolognina may also provide you with more opportunities to get to know some locals, which can really give you a glimpse into the city’s true culture.


If you have a larger budget and happen to be looking for something a little more high-end, check out the Colli. This area is nestled in the hilly areas to the south of the city center, and it is often referred to as the Beverly Hills of Bologna. It affords lovely views of the city, with plenty of green spaces, like Parco Villa Ghigi, for relaxation. Of course, prices in this area will be at a premium.

Bologna Fiere

Also close to both the railway station and the city center, you will find the neighborhood of Bologna Fiere. This area is full of young professionals, as that this is where the business events usually take place. It is an excellent area to find work, and the housing is also affordable. This is also another neighborhood where you can immerse yourself in the culture and diversity of Bologna.

Tips to find housing in Bologna

Finding housing can sometimes be a bit overwhelming. You’ll need to be prepared to stay ahead of the game to find the best rooms and apartments at the preferred prices. When you’re going to be in a brand new city, the first thing that you should do is become more familiar with the area, as well as with what the most popular neighborhoods have to offer.

To find out more information, ask people who may have stayed in Bologna previously, or check online for Facebook groups.

To begin searching for student accommodation in Bologna, there are a number of ways to get started:

  • Check out the piazza and university boards for listings.

  • Look online or in local newspapers.

  • Use a trusted rental platform, like Housing Anywhere.

Always make sure that you understand what will be included, and ensure that the amenities will fit your needs. For example, if several classmates will be sharing an apartment, finding a space with more than one bathroom would be ideal. Be sure to investigate before you sign any contract.

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