Cost of living in Bochum

If you’re hoping to save a little money with your rent in Bochum, among other necessities, you’ll be happy to know that it has been rated 2.5 percent less to live there than in the rest of Germany. You can expect monthly expenditures to be about an average of €623 per person, each month. When compared to other cities in Germany, this can be considered to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Housing costs

As mentioned in the accommodation section, the pricing for rooms and apartments in Bochum can vary a lot, depending on the location. You can expect the following prices in Bochum:

  • Apartments with one bedroom in the City Centre: €380-€700

  • Apartments with one bedroom outside of the City Centre: €345

  • Rooms at public institutions: €250

So for housing expenses, you can budget between €250 to €700 for your student accommodation. Utilities generally cost approximately €200 each month for the 85m2 apartment.

Food costs

Another big part of your budget will go to food. For one month, you should set aside about €200. But keep in mind that this does not include a lot of meals eaten out at restaurants. However, you can use little tips, like taking advantage of lunch specials and student discounts, so try to plan around this. To dine at an inexpensive eatery, it’s usually about €10 per person. In a nicer restaurant, you can expect to pay €45 for two people for a three-course meal.

Transport costs

If you plan to use public transportation in Bochum, it will cost €67,85 for a monthly pass, or €76,50, with the option to bring your bicycle.

If you’re only going yo use public transport on occasion, you should buy an EinzelTicket (single ticket). Single tickets (€2,70) will be valid until your final stop, including any transfers, but are not valid for return trips or circular tours. They can also be used for short trips (€1,60) of only 20 minutes, including three stops and a distance of 1.5 km, and can only be used for subways, buses and trams. There are also several other subscriptions available, such as day tickets and 4-packs.

With paying the fee of €310 to your university, the NRW-ticket will also allow you to travel throughout the city, and it is included for the entire semester.

Other costs

If you will require health insurance while in Germany, and you are under 30 years old, the price will be approximately €80 monthly. For books and additional study material, you can budget about €40. You can also expect to spend approximately €200 for things like clothes, food and other necessities. If you register your TV, broadcasting fees will be about €18 monthly, and one minute of prepaid mobile will be €0.09, You will most likely also need the internet, which typically costs around €25-€30 for 60 Mbps, along with unlimited data.

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