Finding a place to rent in Bochum

Unlike some of the other areas in Europe, when you relocate to a city in Germany, it is fairly common to rent an unfurnished apartment. However, some housing platforms will offer the option to only search for furnished rooms or apartments in Bochum. Keep in mind that pricing will differ, but if a listing does not specifically say that the space is furnished, it is usually not.


The location of your choice in housing can really make a difference in pricing, but you can expect to pay between €200 and €700. In the district of Riemke, you can find some of the lowest prices in the city. For moderate pricing, you may want to look in Wattenscheid. Stiepel is more high-end, with prices reaching up to €700.

Bochum neighborhoods

Before you move to Bochum, there are many different areas to consider, but first, think about your specific needs while living in Bochum.

  • Do you want to stay in a calmer area, or be in the center of the action?

  • Do you hope to save a little bit of money, or do you have a good-sized budget for your international exchange?

  • Do you plan to use public transportation?


If you’re thinking about living in a student house, then definitely consider the Laerholzstraße. The Laerholzstraße is situated close to both the Hochschule Bochum and Ruhr-Universität-Bochum.


This area is really popular because of its low pricing and abundance of student residents. You can sometimes even find a place in this neighborhood that can be even cheaper than living in one of the university dormitories.


This district is full of different cultures and vibrant people, where young people, families and older residents all cohabitate nicely, making up a population of about 19,000. There are convenient links to the city’s public transportation, as well as low-priced rental fees.


Langendreer is located in the city triangle of Bochum-Dortmund-Witten, offering links to public transportation, areas for recreation and an excellent cultural scene. Plus, if you love entertainment, this is probably the neighborhood for you.

Tips to find housing in Bochum

When looking for accommodation in Bochum, there are several ways to find the space that’s perfect for your individual needs. Let’s look at a few:

  • Look in local newspapers or on the notice boards in the common areas of the university.

  • Check for online advertisements for available rooms or apartments.

  • Reach out to religious organizations that offer church-based rooms or student halls used for hosting international students in Bochum.

  • If you are going to be living in Bochum for a particular period of time, you can even look for an apartment that is being sublet by another student.

  • You may also want to search for rooms in shared apartments. It’s a good idea to look online or on Facebook groups to find students who are looking for another roommate for their apartment.

  • To avoid long waiting times and possible disappointment, check out You can even set your preferences and be alerted when a property matching that description is listed. How awesome is that?

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