7 easy steps to hosting Ukrainian refugees


Updated on Mar 27 • 2 minute read

HousingAnywhere is Europe's largest rental accommodation platform for mid-term rentals. It’s our commitment to ‘help people with housing, anywhere’ and we felt it was our duty to support Ukrainians that were displaced by the war.

That’s why we’ve built a safe and easy-to-use platform that directly connects refugees from Ukraine with people who are willing to host them in Europe.

Want to join us? Offer your living space to Ukrainian refugees through our new platform - no fees will be charged to anyone.

You can help us make a difference in only 7 simple steps!

Let’s get started!

Go to our #supportukraine page. If you’re already signed in, you can start immediately. If not, make sure you sign up with your preferred method first. Then click on ‘Offer a stay.’

1. Provide your basic information.

Specify your situation: are you an individual or an organisation? Add the number of properties you’re listing, your country of residence and your phone number.

2. Specify the type of living space you are offering.

Add more details about your property, including the available dates, the address and whether you’re providing the accommodation for free or a reduced price.

3. Add a brief description of your living space.

Specify at least how many people can be accommodated, the property size and whether it’s furnished. Add a short description of the property.

4. Indicate whether and how the utility costs will be charged.

In case you’d like the tenant to pay for the utility costs, specify how much they need to pay per utility and how often. If no payment is needed, select the option ‘included in the rent’.

5. Add any house rules and/or preferences you may have (optional).

Specify any requirements you have for the desired tenant. Does their gender matter? Can they smoke or bring their pet?

6. Upload photos or videos of your living space (optional).

It’s always a good idea to upload photos and/or videos of a listed place. That helps to manage expectations regarding the amount of space and facilities.

7. Verify your phone number.

You'll receive a verification code on the number you've previously filled in. Enter the verification code and then click on 'verify'. Heads up, if you don't verify your phone number, your listings simply won't appear on our platform!

Look at that! You’re all set!

So, what’s next?

Good job - your listing is online!

That means that now you’ll be able to get messages from the Ukrainians interested in your property. Our real-time messaging system will ensure that the communication is fast and stays securely on the platform.

We advise you to use this feature to verify the identity of the user by asking some basic background questions and requesting a valid document to support it.

Once you’ve answered each other’s questions, you can send them an invitation to book or accept their booking request. When you get a booking request, we’ll also send you a notification via email and SMS. Just so you don’t miss it!

What if I have questions?

There will be a dedicated team of customer support professionals for this initiative. Should you have any questions, please check our FAQ section or contact our customer support team at support@housinganywhere.com.

You can also reach us by below local numbers between 09:30am and 5:00 pm (CEST) during the weekdays :

  • Netherlands: +31858881399
  • United Kingdom: +442039665720
  • Germany: +4921141873062
  • Italy: +390694500359
  • Spain: +34911230233
  • France: +33176400213
  • Belgium: +3225889978

Thank you for your support!

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