10 Weird and Wonderful Hangover Cures from Around the World


Mar 19 • 4 minute read

We’ve all been there at one time or another, trying to stay awake during class after what surely must have been the party of the decade the night before. You have a pounding headache, the room is still spinning, and all the water in the world won’t wash away the terrible feeling that you’re probably going to puke at any moment. Being able to actually concentrate is yet another thing altogether. But hey, at least you made it to class, which is an astronomical feat after the night that you had. You spend most of the class with your hand over your eyes, trying to block out the harsh glow of what must be the brightest lights in any lecture hall on earth, as you vow on everything you love that you’ll never drink Jägermeister the night before an early lecture ever, ever, again.

Of course, hangovers are the morning-after downside to an awesome night out with the countless new friends that you’ve made on campus, which is part of the experience when studying abroad. However, there’s no need to suffer every time you have one, two or five too many. HousingAnywhere has put together a list of the best (and often downright weirdest) hangover cures from around the world! Chances are, you’ll find yourself in plenty of situations to systematically try them all.

United Kingdom: Full English

The British are known the world over to be expert drinking companions, able to throw back a pint or two with ease. But, if they find themselves partying the night away with a few of their Irish friends, they may just need to turn to the Full English Breakfast to ensure they can function the following day. This true breakfast of champions consists of various sausages, bacon, beans, mushrooms, tomatoes, eggs, toast and black pudding (not a sweet treat, but a blood sausage made from beef suet or pork fat). Of course, it would only be natural to wash it all down with a pint, in honor of the British, of course.

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USA: Tomato juice and raw eggs

Now, this hangover cure may not be the tastiest, but if you can manage to keep it down, it will definitely have you feeling right as rain in no time. I mean, who wouldn’t throw back a few raw eggs in tomato juice to avoid that awful hangover that you know is going to take over your entire morning? When Sylvester Stallone was in Rocky, his character consistently drank a concoction with raw eggs as the primary ingredient. Maybe you’ll be able to run up the university steps with the same fervor as well.

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South Korea: Haejangguk

As that the name of this mixture is actually “Haejangguk,” which literally translates into “soup to cure a hangover,” I think we may be on the right track. For generations, the Korean people have sworn by this recipe of pork spine, ox blood and cabbage leaves, all mixed together in a broth with an assortment of spices. Doesn’t sound too appealing? Well, neither is lying on the floor in the fetal position all afternoon.

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Mexico: Menudo

As in typical Mexican form, this isn’t one for the faint of heart! This spicy stew, made primarily from cow stomach in a red pepper broth, is so hot that you may be spending more time in the bathroom than you had anticipated. However, at least you’ll have all of those tequila shots out of your system.

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Poland: Pickle juice

Pickle juice is extremely high in electrolytes, so professional athletes (and hungover college students) have been drinking this replenishable liquid for years after a long workout routine or a late night at the newest nightclub (or both). Even though we have beverages in today’s age like Gatorade or other tasty sports drinks, some still swear by this tried-and-true method. I guess there’s just something about swigging from a jar of pickle juice that appeals to the adventurer in all of us!

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Hungary: Sparrow droppings in brandy

If you’re reading this after two days without sleep and copious amounts of hard liquor, no, your eyes are not deceiving you. Intoxicated revelers in Hungary are regularly dropping bird poop into their brandy. If you’re envisioning drunken students digging about for this one-of-a-kind ingredient early in the morning, then you may be deciding to tell all of your friends about this specific hangover cure. However, we’ll leave it up to you whether you decide to try it out for yourself!

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Puerto Rico: Lemons under your pit

You know, we’ve all heard that old saying about “when life gives you lemons,” but have you ever heard the ending where you rub them in your armpits? We were thinking you may have missed that one, but thank everything holy for the Puerto Ricans! While this is more of a preventative ritual than an after-the-fact cure, it is believed that rubbing a slice of lemon in the pit of your drinking arm before throwing back that first drink, will prevent the effects of dehydration and headaches the next day. #ProTip for maximum money saving, just use the lemon slice that comes with your tequila. Now that’s being a budget-conscious student!

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Haiti: Cork voodoo

Not all Haitians do this, but many voodoo practitioners really like to go straight to the source with their vengeful, hangover cure treatments. Drinking an expertly mixed concoction or consuming strange animal parts is not the voodoo way. Rather, they will do their best to locate the bottle that tempted them with its alluring libations, sticking 13 black needles into its cork. This is believed to expel the aches and pains that typically accompany a hangover. Between you and me, I think it’s worth a try!

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Denmark: Reparationsbajer

The Danish are never big advocates of letting the fun end, so the following cure makes absolute sense, especially when taking into consideration their excitement-loving culture. So, to cure a morning headache or an upset stomach after one-too-many parties, the Danish people choose to indulge in what is called a “Reparationsbajer,” or a “recovery beer.” When paired with one of their delicious pastries, how can you go wrong? Plus, we’ve all heard about the “hair of the dog.” Doesn’t “Reparationsbajer” sound so much more civilized? Embedded content: https://www.instagram.com/p/BgZDnFTlVNq/?tagged=reparationsbajer

Mongolia: Vodka for breakfast

For years, internet lore mystifyingly has claimed that, as a trusted hangover cure, Mongolians drink pickled sheep’s eyes in tomato juice. Don’t worry, surprise! Not everything you read on the internet is true. You don’t have to experiment with that recipe to successfully complete this list. Instead, try a couple of tea bowls full of vodka. This is actually what the Mongolians use to undoubtedly take the edge off even the gnarliest hangover, even if vodka is the last thing you want to see, much less drink, the morning after the night before.

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