The 10 most wonderful European Christmas markets to visit in 2019


Updated on Dec 02 • 3 minute read

We are getting closer to the most wonderful time of the year, and it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

You might not be into Mariah Carey or Michael Bublé's good old tunes, but who doesn't enjoy strolling around sparkly, fairytale-like Christmas markets? In many countries, Christmas markets are a big thing during December. So we’ve rounded up the best Christmas markets to check out in Europe in 2019!

Zagreb - Croatia

The capital of Croatia is the number one place to be for the Christmas markets. This city has already been voted three times as ‘European Best Christmas Market.’ The streets and squares are nicely decorated and invite you to participate in all the singing and dancing. Another great thing about this market is that it’s there for more than a month, from 30th November till 7th January 2020!

Strasbourg - France

The Christmas market is known for the fact that it was the first one ever held, in 1570! It is spread over 12 different locations throughout the city with more than 300 stalls. Pretty impressive, right? The market also comes with many live performances to enjoy. It is a lovely cultural trip! Running from 22nd November till 30th December 2019. Hurry up!

Colmar - France

Two French cities in the top five, they know how to organise a Christmas market! The labyrinth of streets makes this market a really special experience. Each market looks like a mini-village, where a lot of handmade products are sold. There are many activities such as wine-tasting and guided tours. You can participate in this wonderful event from 22nd November to 29th December 2019.

Aachen - Germany

The Christmas market in Aachen is a real pleasure for the eyes, with all the lovely lights and the stunning cathedral. This is maybe not as old as the others mentioned, but it has a great modern atmosphere. You can visit this unique market from 22th November until 23th December 2019.

Vienna - Austria

Vienna during Christmas is genuinely incredible. With all the gorgeous lights all over the city, it really looks like a fairytale. The markets in Vienna are also very child-friendly with many activities you can enjoy with your family. A lovely experience for young and old! From 15th November to 26th December 2019, don't miss it!

Dresden - Germany

In Dresden all markets have different theme and atmosphere. Running from 29th November until 24th December 2019, this market is the largest in the eastern part of Germany and one of the most traditional in the country. From a Dark Ages to an après ski themed market, Dresden has it all! Also, visiting Dresden is a cultural experience because of the many plays in theaters and exhibitions in museums.

Tallinn - Estonia

The annual Christmas market is held on the town square in Tallinn. Everywhere, you see lovely decorations, and there is even a main stage. Hundreds of singers and dancers will perform here during the month of December. In Town Hall Square you can find the first Christmas tree ever to be put on display in Europe! If you already have plans this Christmas, you can always visit it until 7th January.

Prague - Czech Republic

The Christmas market in Prague has an unforgettable atmosphere. Even before the market is set up, the city is already decorated in many different places such as shops, squares, and streets. You can find wonderful souvenirs to bring back home, as well as dozens of stalls with local food and drinks. Running until 6th January 2020, this year's theme is "Angels at Christmas". Be prepared!

Budapest - Hungary

Budapest's Christmas market will provide you with delicious Hungarian and international food. Many hand crafted products are being sold and you'll also find lots of free activities for children, such as like ice-skating! A truly Hungarian experience! Running until January 1st 2020. Don't miss out on this eccentric event.

Brussels - Belgium

And last but not least, Brussels! This market has everything a typical market needs. There is the possibility to participate in activities such as ice-skating or enjoy the gorgeous Christmas tree, the Christmas parade and the traditional Ferris wheel. What else could you ask for? You can visit the Winter Wonders events until 5th January 2020.

There are so many lovely Christmas markets to enjoy in Europe. Whatever choice you make, it will be a good one! So get your camera ready, book your tickets and don't forget to pack a warm coat!

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